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how many cals does HIIT burn?

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Does anyone know how many calories HIIT  burns? I just did my first HIIT workout today, so I did 30 seconds brisk walk, 30 seconds sprint for a total of 8 minutes. Thanks!
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depends on you current weight. Give us some stats about yourself and we can tell you something.

I usually log the separate bits of it. For example, walking 4.0mph for 5 minutes total, running 7mph for 3 minutes total. And then any residual calorie burn that comes after HIIT (which does happen, I understand), I consider a mysterious unknown bonus. :)

I overdid some intense intervals today. 30 minutes total, and in the last work minute I threw up and then lost bladder control. Yuck!

I'm 5'3, 15 year old female, 120 pounds.

I would love to know this as well!

I can't figure out how to log it! hahah

I'm 5'8, 180-ish (i fluctuate a lot)....right now I'm only up to 5 mins (just started), but it's 30 sprint then 30 jog.......?

Thanks for any help!

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i would like to try the HIIT as well.  i looked at the article that said how long to do each routine, but finding the starting that up to each individual?  it didnt give any specs on if you start (if using a treadmill) at like 4.5..what the high intensity speed would be?  thanks for any help...

Doug, I think it depends on the shape that you are in.  I do mine on the elliptical.  I am  not really supposed to run due to knee surgery....  Anyway I do 5 min warm up then 2 minutes high intensity then 5 minutes back at a lower intensity.  I do this for about 30 minutes, and take a break to stretch, and then I do it again for another 30.  If I start getting exhausted, I'll skip a high intensity and just stay at the lower intensity level for a while.  I still have no idea how to log this though. 

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I am guessing everyone is talking about HIT High Intensity Training - It can be referred to anaerobic and not aerobics I wish I could send everyone and article I have that explains this whole idea or philosophy and it would help explain a lot of the questions. If you do want to article email me at and just put I want HIT Article in the subject line and I can send it to you.

in terms of calorie burn, here's my response:  how much do you burn when you exercise pretty darn hard?  personally, according to my hrm, i burn the same number of calories doing hiit as i would doing my "regular"/steady state/sweaty cardio.  the benefit of hiit is that:  1) it's shorter, so you get out of the gym sooner.  2)  you don't risk losing muscle due to tons of cardio and being on a diet  3)  your metabolism is revved for a few hours post-workout, which is not the case for "regular"/steady state cardio.  so if you wanna save some time and not log all the intervals (or if you can't remember all of them), just log your challenging-but-not-as-high-intensity ca rdio calorie burn.

also, in terms of "how" intense to make the high intensity intervals, it's really AS intense as you can physically handle.  the reason some ppl use intervals as short as 20-30 seconds is that they're SO hard, you couldn't possibly sustain that speed/heart rate/intensity/resistance for any longer than that.  (alternatively, you don't have to work quite so hard or have such short intervals; but this is just to give you the idea of hiit).


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