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How many calories does the Wii Just Dance game burn?

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I bought recently the new Wii Game Just Dance, I was wondering how many calories can one burn while playing it? It's based on popular music dance routines and quite challenging in my opinion. It might be comparable to an intensive aerobics perhaps.

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Good Question....and I have no idea. But its fun and it can motivate me to work out when not a whole lot else could. (and its really fun to watch my hubby do some of the dance moves with me)

It would depend on your body size and the effort you are putting into it.

You could try logging it with the activity browser, since that will take your stats into account. There is an "aerobics" activity, and "dancing" I believe.

I love this game and have been logging it as aerobic and dancing as it is a work out. I wish there were more songs for it though. I can only do Cotton Eyed Joe so many times in a week. Laughing


4.2 sweat points = 1 calorie

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if you type in just dance it shows up with just dance just sweat - which is the wii just dance - the calories will be the same for any of the games 1, 2 or 3 so you just type in your time and the calories will be applied based on ur weight height etc. 

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