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How many calories to consume?!

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I read on an earlier post that to lose weight and stay healthy the correct formula is to add your expenditure and calories burned from exercise together and then subtract either 500 or 1000 calories from that number and the remaining number is how many calories I should eat to lose weight.

ex:  Expenditure (for me 1800) + Calories burned (1200)= 3000

then 3000 - 1000 = 2000, the amount I should eat everyday?  On cc it says that if I want to lose 10 pounds by Sept. 9th I should eat 1893.  

What is right?  I am so confused about what is the correct formula.

Also I am 24, 5'8 156 pounds and do at least an hour of cardio a day and lift weights.      & nbsp;      &nbs p;       & nbsp;    
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You're able to burn off 1200 calories a day doing an hour of cardio and lifting? Whoa, thats a lot!

Assuming thats correct, then consuming around 2000 calories is good. I wouldn't fret about the differnce between 1893 and 2000. Its only gonna make a difference of less than 1 pound a month. If I burned off 3000 calories a day, I would consume between 2000-2200 per day.
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