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Calories burnt during the C25K program?

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Hey guys!

I started the C25K program today (day one, week one), and I was wondering how many calories I burnt doing that. Does anyone know the typical amount of calories burnt during this week? Or any of the weeks really, since Ill be progressing next wekk and wondering the same thing =)

Oh, stats are: Female, 17, 5'2, 108 lbs.


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Hi Darkmoondancer,

I started the C25K today and I took a mental note of how many calories it burned just so I could let you know!  Presumably, it depends on what speed you walk/run, (but since the quicker you go, the less time it takes, maybe it doesn't affect the result?).  Anyway, the counter said 301 calories.  If it changes on the second day, I'll let you know, but that should at least give you a rough number to get you started.

Good luck with the program!

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