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calories burned while walking with extra weight

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Ok so I started back walking with my neighbor, I had  stopped because she walks too slow!  she is wanting to lose weight and since I didnt walk last week, neither did she so I feel responsible and want to help her so I started back walking tonight.  I was smart about it!  I attacked some ankle weights and got a great workout!  They are each 2.5lbs. 

So my question is how do I enter my 30min walk with an extra 5lbs? 
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You could make yourself 5 lbs heavier on the site and see what difference it makes to the walk. I am curious now!
I doubt the calorie-burn counts for activities are customized per user. I'd be surprised if there's a difference.

For instance, "Jogging, general" tells me I'd burn 430 calories per hour if I did it. I weigh 135.5 at present.

Does anyone at a different weight get different results?
I've heard it's not good to use ankle weights
Be careful using weights while walking/running because it can throw off your alignment even if you have the same amount on each side of your body. I read an article about this in "Runner's World" magazine.
thanks for the info guys!
Zeppo - I weigh 233 and for jogging general I'd burn 737 per hour. It does change the calories burned as you lose weight or gain weight. I've noticed this since I started. When I was 280 I would burn a lot more doing easy things, now I'm starting to have to work a little harder. I think that's why weight loss gets harder for people as the drop the pounds.
Under occupation it has walking at 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5 carrying under 25 pounds.
oh, that is very cool! It's good to know that it works that precisely.

I don't use ankle weights, but I walk on sand, so I use the Activity for walking uphill for that part. It feels about the same as walking uphill. Lots of nice resistance, walking on sand. Very good for the butt.
I enjoyed walking with the weights and my legs were sore this neighbor  walks so slow that the weights didnt throw  me off balance at all.
That's a great idea, Slappy!
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