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Calories burned when walking

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I've started using a pedometer whenever I go out walking.  Today I walked 5330 steps and 2.7 miles.  It says I burned 438 calories.  This seems really high to me.  Can anyone confirm if this is correct?

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Does the pedometer say you burned that many calories or did you measure it by CC's estimation?

The pedometer says I burned that amount.

Do you put your stats into the pedometer?  Unless you are either a: walking very fast (basically running) or b: walking with very heavy weights I can't say I'd believe it.

 I wogged (walk/jog variation) 3.3 miles last night in 40 minutes and I only burned 220 cals.  I know it would've been more when I was 225 pounds but not THAT much more.

I put in my height, age, weight and sex.  I was probably walking an hour and half.

 Were there hills?  With that length of time, you likely did burn that much.  But I don't go by my pedometer either, it skips steps.


I agree with MrsDagle but would your pedometer be able to read that you're on a hill? 

For that length of time I guess it's possible but it still sounds unlikely when considering the distance AND the time. 

Did you put it into CC to say what it shows?  At least for comparison purposes.

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I only use the pedometer to count the steps because it's fairly accurate at that... I use CC for the calorie burn. Pedometers are ALWAYS wrong about how many calories you burn. My little pedometer counts steps fairly accurately, but the computer program that came with it to do the calorie/distance calculation is insanely wrong - it tried to tell me I walked 13 miles and burned 5000 calories in one day - I wish! lol

I checked on CC and  looked at walking food shopping with or without cart.  It says that burns 233cals an  hour.

Is there somewhere on here you can log the amount of steps taken.  I never know the exact time I spend walking.

I do not use a pedometer, but I do use my Polar F6 HRM and last night I walked 30 minutes at a pretty good pace and the HRM says that I burned 240 calories.  I feel this is pretty spot on.  So it's possible that you did burn that much in 1.5 hours.

Thanks for all your replies.  I just timed myself for a minute walking how I would normally and burnt 5.7 cals.  On CC I would burn 4cals a minute so it's not far off. 

Original Post by life35:

Thanks for all your replies. I just timed myself for a minute walking how I would normally and burnt 5.7 cals. On CC I would burn 4cals a minute so it's not far off.

Actually 2 cal/min will really add up. If you walk for an hour, there will be a difference of about 120 cal between your pedometer and the CC estimate! In general, I would use anything the pedometer gives you as a high estimate. I have a Nike + ipod that calculates calories and I'm pretty sure that it is off. I just use it as a general estimate, knowing that it is probably too high.

I also have a Polar F6 HRM and I do alot of walking. I usually walk around 3.0 miles per hour and I burn around 550 in 1 hr. 45 min. I walk a total of 10 miles and usually take around an hour break after 5 miles, by the time I get home it says I have burned 1,200 calories. Now all of that depends on how hard you are working at it. Yesterday I took it pretty easy, and I had only burned 1,100 calories in 5 hrs. I have really short legs so when I walk 3 miles per hour that is really pretty fast for me, others that might be normal and not it would really be that fast.

When I get home I enter the information on CC. CC balances out the calories I would have burned anyway and gives me a more accurate burn meter number. Yesterday I went from a burn meter of 1670 to 2400 after a 10 mile casual walk.

Those are my numbers, yours would probably be different, and things like age weight, and heart rate should be used to help find out an accurate number of calories burned. I recently started eating about double of what I was before because of the calories I burn on a walk day based on what my Polar said. I am pleased to report an almost 2 calorie loss this morning despite eating 2,200 calories yesterday. On days that I walk faster I eat 2,600 to 2,800 and no gains.

Hope some of this helps. If you want to be as accurate as possible go buy a Polar HRM. They are expensive, but in my opinion well worth their price.

Your weight is an important variable in how many calories you burn.

If a 100 lb person and a 200 lb person walk 3 miles together, the 200 person burns more calories than the 100 lb person.  So you can't just take one person's calorie burn figure and compare it to another person's.

I think that the CC counters take your weight into account when calculating calories burned from exercise. Don't know if the pedometer does.

I know you've had a lot of good responses already.  But I just wanted to suggest a website

It is pretty cool because after you register (for free) you can log all your training in walking, gym workouts, swimming, running, biking, etc.  But the best thing about it is it has mapping tool you can actually start from your street and click and point your route to see exact amounts.  Once you create a route you can save it to your training.  By adding more stats like how long it took, you can get your pace either 2.0 mile or 3.0 mile or whatever.  It has a virtual pedometer so you could add the steps if you want but it calculates your calories also.  I weigh 202 and when I put in 1hour and 30 minutes and 2.7 miles it said I would have burned 213 when I put in 5330 steps (based on a 26 in stride length) it says I only walked 2.19 and burned 177.  The pace for the 2.7 miles in an hour and half was 2.09 the pace for the steps was 2.57.  So you see it really matters about your pace.  Even on cc you get different values for each pace.  Your weight is a big factor in the calculations.  You have to understand all these calculations are just estimates.  So you really have to determine what you want to do.  Take the higher estimate or the lower. 

Anyway all that to say check out the website.  I truly trust this website more than anything else.  And my working philosophy is as long as am consistent in where I take my figures and I'm losing weight then I'm ok.  If I find I'm not losing then I either cut my calories or go with a lower activity estimate.  

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