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calories burned swimming

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Not sure which one to go by - I can only do breaststroke (unless I paddle around like a dog), and I can't really go faster than at a liesurely pace - I think it takes me about half an hour to do 500-600 meters. I'm pretty sure that's very slow but don't have anything to compare it with.

CC says that 'Breaststroke, General' burns 570 cals an hour, and 'Lisurely, Not Lap Swimming, General' burns 342 an hour, and swimming laps 'Freestyle, Slow, Moderate or Light Effort' burns 399 an hour.

How do you figure out which is most applicable?

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At most you would probably it the "not lap swimming" level -- although, your heart rate might be the best indicator.

do you swim straight through?  Do you put your face under water and blow bubbles?  what do you think your heart rate is when you finish?  (anything less than 70% of your theoretical max (220-your age)) is pretty slow. If you get to 70-80% then you could probably put the slow freestyle down.  Breaststroke that burns 500+ calories per hour is at training or competitive level.

Heart rate monitor is best way to determine it all, however.

thanks! I guess I have to consider the lowest one then. I don't think my heart rate goes very high when I'm swimming, even if I'm trying my hardest to go fast - there just seems a point where I cannot go faster, at least not for more than 3 seconds.

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