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Calories burned question - running flights of stairs

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Iam trying to figure out how many calories I burn buy running up & down 7 flights of stairs...

I have searched the web and came up empty...

thanx guys~
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that's the activity log for running up stairs, do you know how long it took you?
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I hope someone has a good answer for this. I expect that it depends a lot on how much you weigh, but I have heard that it's 13 times as much as you you burn walking the same distance on level ground. I'll start looking, too!
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what about walking up a flight of stairs not carrying anything~ the list on this site only shows walking up stairs with some sort of weight???

I am trying to impliment this into my regimin but I want to log it accuratley~

thanx for any help!!
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OK, here's another one, I think it confirms what alwayz says about the activity list on this site, but you might want to look at it anyway: There, you can add your weights to your own weight and see what comes up!
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thanx elin~

that site is awesome!! I found lots of activities that I allways wondered about!!

thanx a bunch everyone!!
to calculate calories burned, you have to take into account you age,weight, height,sex, and heart rate at time of activity. the best thing to do is wear a heart rate monitor. I wear one every day and love it!!! It tells me exactly how many calories I am burning.
There's a web site called that has a list of activites and you put in how many minutes you do and it will calculate a whole day of activites even brushing your teeth so you can find out how many calories you burn doing just everyday stuff and exercise stuff. Good luck
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