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calories burned in exercise bike

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I hate hate hate my damned bike.

So yesterday i was on my bike for 45 minutes level 3 (there are 8 levels)...

This tells me nothing.

It says calories, but how can it know as i don't programme my height weight or gender into it?

It says Distance, but doesn't tell me what unit it is using... miles metres etc.

It tells me how fast I'm going but not the units again... I generally stick to 18-22, which while not vigorous is actually an effort.

Though this was from the girl who couldn't eve do 5 minutes only two or so weeks ago...

First time I did around 5 mins if that, which said burnt '35' calories.

Now I do 45 minutes which says burns 350 calories. But on the site says burns 460...

Anyone know what I'm supposed to believe?
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What brand/model is it? Perhaps you can find out more specific information online from the manufacturer on how it is measuring things. Also, many machines use 150 pounds as a default weight for guessing calories.
Curalium: Congratulations -- it sounds like you are making real progress.  Some general answers.  The bike knows two things -- well at least one -- it knows how much power you are generating and it can calculate that back to how many calories you are putting into the system.  It also [I believe] has some data on how many calories people generally expend at a given setting.  So it can give you a general number that is (probably) reasonably close to the calories that you are actually expending.  That is sort of like going to the CC database for activities and getting an estimate of calories expended.

I am not very knowledgable about exercise bikes but I have some experience with the stationary bikes at the gym.  These bikes, the ones that I used, had a fixed rate of 21.5 mph -- regardless of the effort level or speed at which I pedalled.  I imagine that if you are using an American product, the distance etc. are in miles per hour.  On the other hand a European product would probably be giving you number is km/hour.  You might be able to find the relevant information on the Internet.

Both the CC estimate of calories expended and the bike's readout are guesses based on general population statistics.  There is no reason to prefer one over the other.  I have the same problem with my HRM, which I believe underestimates my output, and the CC database.  I average the two numbers together.  It doesn't give my the right answer but it keeps me reasonably close to the right answer.

Good luck.
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