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calories burned on elliptical

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So I did 45 min on the elliptical machine today at the gym. According to the machine I burned 450 calories. That seemed like a lot, so I checked this site, it shows at LIGHT effort you burn 674 cals/hour. Can this be right? It did not seem nearly hard enough to burn that much in such a short period of time.

Do you guys think this is true?
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It could be.

The ellipticle I work out on has to be wrong. After fourty minutes on it it says I only burn about 60-90 calories. And I am usually sweating like crazy! I would think the numbers you got are more accurate than mine. At least I wouold hope so!
i too workout on the elliptical for an hour and burn anywhere between 450-500 depending how intense it is.. yesterday i put it at level 8 and in 15 minutes i already burned 100 calories.  so i think the higher the intensity the more u burn.  but yes 450 sounds sbout right this site is way off on a lot of numbers.
Unless the machines can be programmed with your age weight height and sex they aren't going to be accurate.  I believe the default is for a male @ 175 lbs or something like that.  I am 5'6" and weight 170 on a good day and my HRM gives me a calorie burn of well over 500 for an hour on the elliptical.  This site usually is a little less so I go with what I get on the website just to calculate calories to eat.  
When I do the elliptical for 45 minutes... it says I burn almost 700!!!  And I program my weight in (130) ... it HAS to be wrong.  But it sure gives me a mental boost!
On the machine I tend to use it asks me my weight, age, sex and then I start at level one and work up to level 8... I do the elliptical anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on my energy level and if I am watching Greys Anatomy on my I-pod!  When I workout for an hour on intervals I burn probably around 700 or 800 calories... SO you are probably correct, give or take a few calories I would go off of what the website says....  GOOD LUCK! 
I believe that the machine gives you a rough estimate. Even with weight, age and sex input.

If you take two people with the same weight, age and sex and they are using the same exercise program on the elliptical machine (same duration, rounds per minute and same resistance level) but one person has been exercising for awhile that person will most likely burn less calories. You need to challenge your body to burn the most calories. The machine does not take this in consideration.

Any device, exercise machine, HRM, etc., that gives you a number of calories burned is simple giving an estimate based on information that it was programmed with for established averages.  Use it as a guide but be aware that the margine of error can be great.  What's important is that you are getting exercise, burning calories, and getting fit.

Taking the number of calories burned through estimates on this and other sites an calculating calories eaten is a great way to manage your weight but don't get too hung up on the numbers.  They are are all estimates.
Yeah, the elyptical is a full body workout. Howver, dont hold your weight on the static grips - its calculated with your moving your arms. go by the machines stats for a good estiamte (if you add your age/body weight)or get  HRM.
It burns HEAPS!! I can do 10 mins 150-200 cals at full pace. But i cant keep it up.
heh my elliptical bike says i burn over 1100... yeah right..

im only 118 pounds, and when i do it on high intesnity for 45 minutes, i probably burn somewhere between 500- 600, if that.

but thats alot for a stationary and short exersize.
You could also check out the exercises on this site for comparison sake.  I tend to use the amounts the activity log on this site states, only because I'm also using their weight log and food log, so it's a consistency thing.  When I go to the gym and use the treadmill I just keep track of the time I'm on it, then put that into the activity log on this site.
The elliptical I use at the gym for 1 hour of high intensity states 1000.  I went around to the different machines and put out the same amount of effort for one hour -- they were all within about 100 calories of each other.  I found the best thing to do is use whatever your number as your baseline and never do less that that for the same inensity.  Don't let your eating hang on your calorie burn then it won't matter.
yes, elliptical machines, even bikes burn alot of calories. They arnt probably as much as it states, but considering how easy and quick the machine gets after a while is a great thing. IT usually doesnt feel that intense or painful, even after 30 minutes.

could be.

i run 10-12 km (according to the machine) in 40 minutes on level 7-8 CV training. during the peak intensity, i've got to tell myself that i'm not really going to do, that the pain is all in my head.

my heart rate is 170+ (90% max) 70% of the time, and 160+ bpm the rest of the time.  i weigh 85 kg (190 lbs).

it burns 700+ calories according to the machine.

how many km/miles are you going? what's your heart rate?

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