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Does calories burned change with weight gain or loss?

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I'm hoping this is a new topic, I apologize if it isn't. Anyway, I was just wondering if, for example, you weigh 150lbs when you start exercising like step aerobics, if the amount of calories burned changes as you lose weight (or gain)? Would the excess fat contribute to more calories burned or is it irrelevant whether you are 150 or 130? I'm not obsessing or anything, just curious.
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Yes, your weight is one of the factors that affects calories burned. The more you weigh the more energy is required to move you.

According to this calculator at an hour of high impact aerobics for a 150lb woman burns 477 calories, the same for a 130lb woman burns 413 calories.

If you're using CC and have lost weight but not adjusted your targets, that could be throwing things off for you. If you go to Account Settings and click on 'advice' next to target calories, it will take you to the calorie calculator where you can put in your new weight and get your new daily target.

Thanks for the information & link. It seemed plausible that it would work that way but I wasn't certain. The difference isn't that much anyway. The app just gives a standard number I think so this gives a much better idea. Thank you.
Maelwys, I do have my weight logged in proper, but since I'm working with the app mostly, it doesn't upgrade the same as the website, from what I've noticed. It's nothing I was concerned about anyway, just curious.

Glad you have everything dialed in properly. I lost 15 lbs and just assumed the site adjusted for you. Took me a good month to figure out that it didn't and where to go to fix it. :)

Good point though, it always helps to just double check the settings from time to time. At first, my height was marked in at 2'11" on the website even though the app had my height registered correctly. I couldn't figure out at first why my calorie quotas were way off, until I went on the website to check my settings. Lol!
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