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How many calories do you burn using weight machines?? Confused.

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I go to the gym 3-4 times per week usually during my lunch break at work so I only get about 45 mins. I usually do cardio (Cross trainer and treadmill) for about 30 mins then spend 15mins doing the various weight machines in the gym.

Problem is that I have NO idea how much I am buring using these machines?? I usually do about 12 reps on each (legs, arms) and around 60 sit ups.


Anyone got a clue? It's just so I know what to factor in to my daily burn... thanks guys x

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Under the activity log (Conditioning exercises) you fill find weight training (light oe heavy) as well as circuit training.  You'll have to honestly decide how hard you are working.....circuit training means continuous activity, minimal or no rests. Otherwise I'd log your routine as light weight training.

Hope that helps

typically you will burn as an average 350 calories an hour so divide that in half

and there is your average answer...


Good Luck,



My routine is pretty much the same as yours.  I count the weights as Weight Lifting, free weights, light or moderate effort 15 min = 59 cal.

The weights for me are for my bones and to aid in toning. 

Keep up the good work!Smile

I would like to add to Virefa posting...

Make an investement to get a Heart Rate monitor..I have the Polar RS300X and

learn your heart rate zones and you will soon have more control on how much

you burn and you will know if you are overtraining or training just right.

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