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How Many Calories Do You Burn At The Gym??

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for me, i burn from 600-950. and this is only doing cardio stuff.

i don't count weight lifting, because i don't know for sure how many calories i burn, and i only weight lift for like.. 30 mins? but once a week, i weight lift like.. 45-60 mins.

how about you guys?

what was your minimum/maximum??

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usually 400-600 and that is about 50-65 minutes on the treadmill for me, although I've been told time and time again that those counters are never accurate.  I dont count weights either, have no idea how to.....
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I work out to a get fit tonning tape at night for 65 minutes using 3 and 5 pound weights have any idea how many calories I might be losing. i am 128lbs trying to lose 15

::: nursemeow :::

what's your speed? do you put an incline?

::: scaej01 :::

mmm... i think you probably burn more than 300... how long do you rest for? 

i think i'll go for like.. 400+ ???

I only burn about 250-300 (according to the treadmill counter), because I can't seem to make myself go any longer than 30-40 minutes or jog for even half that time.  :(  I'm working on my endurance, though...

::: lauren0019 :::

the number of calories you burn depends on ur weight - body status and how hard you're doing it for. im guessing you take it easy? :P 

Probably around 400 I would say....How on earth do you burn so much sooji?!
About the same as Soji. I log my weight lifting as 20 minutes of "weight machines"; in reality it's probably more like 40 but I like to underestimate.
I work out for a little over an hour 5x a week,and my goal is to "burn" 3500 calories in a week on the machines. I have heard that the treadmill is not really accurate of calories burned, but  I have heard the ellipitical and arc trainer are.

I just started to add weights to my treadmill walking :)
I think that the elliptical calories burned counter is over inflated and by ALOT.  On the other hand, I think the Arc Trainer does a better job except that it does not allow to enter age or sex - so for a female, I have to estimate down, but it does allow to enter weight.  As for treadmills, the rule of thumb is 0.73 times your weight.  That's how many calories you burn per mile while running.  So me, at 136lbs would burn 99.28 calories per mile.  It has been debated that walking and running the same distance burn different amounts of cals, however, I think that if I walked 3 miles in one hour, I would burn 300 cals and if I ran 3 miles in 30 mins, I would also burn 300 cals.  The "post burn" effects are different however.  Just my 0.02.
My personal goal is to burn 600 cals a day with exercise.  This includes weights and cardio.  This also usually means working out 90 minutes.  Also for me weight lifting for an hour only burns 200 cals,
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I try to burn over a thousand calories with just cardio alone and I also like to weight train, so I say about 1500 cals each time I work out. This normaly take about two hours if I hit it hard enough.

According to my heart rate monitor....

On an average, about 80 min heavy lifting burns about 300 cals.....then 25 min on the elliptical not killing myself burns another 150-200...

But it all depends on your age, wgt, sex, bodyfat %, intensity...

When I was 44 lbs heavier a few months ago, the same workout would burn about 8-900 cals...

It's all relative...The older I get, the lighter I get, the less I burn...However, building muscle helps keep the metabolism going.  I would never try to burn alot of calories just doing cardio...

::: insecure_teen :::

  • Elliptical ::: 30 mins + 5 mins cool down
  • Stair-Climber ::: 30 mins + 5 mins cool down
  • Treadmill ::: 20~30 mins + 5~10 mins cool down

for me, the last one -> treadmill is one that i take easily, cuz im all tired and stuff. i call doing my third cardio machine "The Making Up,"  cuz im just going slow on it, just burning a bit more. you know?

but the first 2, oh god do i ever do them so VIGOROUSLY!!! hahahaha :D

but thankfully, i got A LOT of energy. and my gym got tv's so that's a boost!

i went to the gym today.. Laughing

  • Warm Up (Treadmill) -> 8 mins = 55 kcal
  • Weights -> 45 mins = ? kcal Undecided
  • Elliptical -> 35 mins =  360 kcal
  • Stair Climber -> 35 mins = 360 kcal
  • Ab Exercises -> 10 mins = ? kcal Undecided

-------------------  Total = 800 kcal  -----------------------


but god dammit i just had to eat a lot when i came home!! Grrr... 

 -> WELL...

before eating dinner, i've had around 1100 calories total...

 -> so i guess it was actually fine = good for me to eat more. since i was still below 1200 kcal and i also exercised and burned quite a bit . lol.


~*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_ what do you guys think? _*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*~


-> but how come i still don't feel so good about eating dinner!!!!!!



whoa, how do you burn so much? what're your settings on the machine? when i'm on the elliptical, sometimes i really hit it hard, and it seems like the machine's gonna break or something. then i get stares, and i don't step as hard =(
my bike says 600/hour (i exercise 2x a day) since i try to keep it 10cals/min
and according to this site, i burn over 2k cals from 2 hours of cardio a day.

Subwaybuskter; It's not hard to burn that many calories, you just over work yourself. And from experience I am in recovery from ana/mia, you get dizzy when you step off the machines. And sometimes you feel ill.

Now I know that sooji is going to argue this and say she doesn't get that, but even in recovery if I overowkr myself I get a bit dizzy.

I aim for 750 on normal days (according to my HRM)

An hour or so on the bike or treadmill gets me to 550ish calories, then I do weights/abs for the rest. I work out for typically 1.5 - 1.75 hours.

My max was the other night, 30 min on the bike, then a kickboxing class, then a hip hop class, then I stayed and did some dance skills (leaps, heavy stretching) --- 2.5 hours, 1300 calories

::: subwaybusker :::

which machine are you talking about? for elliptical, i put 11 as my resistance. for stair-climbing, i put 11 first, but then after 3 minutse or so, put 12 and just kill my self and go go go !! hahaha . on the treadmill, my spee'd always 9.0 after the first minute of 7.0.  HAHA YOU MADE ME LAUGH AT THE GETTING STARES AND YOU NOT STEPPING AS HARD !!!! seriously, i think the ellipticals ur using needs oil man. hahaha.


::: sweetjaneee :::

darling you made me smile :) im nto going to argue, but yeah... most of the time, i feel fine. i think it's because now im used to it. before, there were times when i felt dizzie ~ usually after running on the elliptical for 35 mins, my feets fall asleep!! gahhh!! but im a very eccentric girl, i love that feeling when my feet or my body feels that way!! lol


::: andrealynng :::

beb, you're awesome. 1300 calories rocks my world. the most i could burn was 1200calories. how tall & how much do you weigh? i don't like to join classes. i just like to do it by myself. well, i also had a personal trainer. i liked that. i still occasionally do. whenever i feel lazy to figure out what kind of work outs to do :P   rely on the PT!

sooji; I feel the same way. I mean I am used to it but once ina while I get the dizzyness. (I'm not going to lie I overwork myself too.. Just putting it outthere) MY FEET FALL ASLEEP TOO >:o Hhaha
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