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How many calories should you burn exercising in a day

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Hello everyone. 

 I do a 20 minute high impact cardio and a 10 minute low impact cardio every morning at 5am.  When i get home in the evenings i do another 45 minutes of high impact cardio.  I do have 1 rest day a week, but that is all.

 Can you burn to many calories or to less?  My calorie intake should be 1400 per day, but i really struggle reaching that goal at times.

 I could use all the impute that everyone has to offer.


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How tall are you and what do you weigh?  I try to aim for 75mins of cardio 5 days a week.  I figure about 100 cals burned per 10 mins, so about 700 cals. 

See how your weight loss goes.  If it stalls, increase the time or intensity of your cardio.  I don't think there is one magic number, but I do think that for weight loss, 75-90mins of cardio 4-5 days a week is required.

Thanks for your advise. 

I weigh 257 and am 5'7" tall.  Do you need to do cardio for 75-90 mins all at once or can you break it up between 2-3 workouts a day.


Hey there :)
I have to say, I don't think 75-90 minutes is REQUIRED....

This time last year I dropped from 160lbs to 140lbs just by doing 30 minutes to start, the last few weeks I built up to about 60 minutes. Also you are much heavier which would mean your burning more calories with less exercise, thus making it easier to lose weight, at first. 

I'm also no expert but I've heard breaking your workouts up can benefit you if you feel that you can pull off two higher intensity workouts instead of one less intense work out.

Your calories should be MUCH higher than 1400 a day. I don't know how old you are but even if you are middle aged a person your weight and height should be eating 
2056 calories a day for fat loss WITH NO EXERCISE

With the amount of exercise you are doing you should probably be eating around 2400-2500 calories a day. This is what you should be doing for a 1-2lbs loss a week. 
Chances are if your only eating 1400 calories and exercising that much you will hit a plateau. You cannot cut your calories more, an increasing exercise intensity is going to be tough when your already going pretty hardcore. 

My recommendation would be to not work out so much if you have trouble fueling your body with enough calories to do so. That way when you feel you body losing weight and becoming accustomed to your work outs and diet, you can have room to adjust, by cutting calories further and increasing exercise intensity. 
Also to answer you actual question:)

A typical weight loss goal would to be losing 1-2lbs a week. Since 3500 calories is equal to about one pound, that is the weekly deficit you are looking for.
To do this, you should either burn 500 calories a day exercising, or burn 250 calories a day exerising and cut your consumption by 250. 

So here is the breakdown

Your body's Basal Metobolic Rate is 1896-That is what you need just for your organs to function properly

To maintain your weight you would consume 2275 calories a day.

To lose weight you would eat 2056 WITH NO EXERCISE, that is the minimum you should go to keep everything in your body functioning correctly. 

Now if your exercising intensly 5 days a week....

To maintain you would eat 2900 calories a dayTo lose you would eat 2351

2939-2351= deficit 578

Continue like that and you will be on your way to permanent weight loss!!

Thank you scrltbfnia for all your imput.

 I am 29 years old by the way. 

You are saying that i should be eating 2351 calories a day?!?  I have enough truoble eating 1400 calories.

Even only eating the little calories that i do i do not feel run down or tired.  Iget up every morning at 4:50 and excersice from 5-5:45am and then again from 7pm-7:45pm every evening.  If i continue eating only 1400 calories a day what may come of that since you said it is a major issue?

I am always in bed before 10pm and i do get a good nights sleep.

If i am not feeling fatigued eating only 1400 calories aday will i lose weight faster?


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I COULD be wrong, but I think if you're not eating enough, even if you don't notice the fatigue, your body might be interpreting it as starvation...and so not wanting to get rid of the weight.  It DOES sound like you might have hit a plateau.

It might be an idea to slowly try encreasing your calories and see if you can notice a difference. 

Years ago I dieted with a friend of mine, we were both about 100 pounds overweight, so we went for a daily goal of 1300 and exercising 1 hour 6 days a week.  In the end, we both kept to the diet/exercise plan for 3 months, she lost 60+ pounds and I lost 10.  I found that my body just WOULDN'T lose weight well unless I ate 1500-1800 daily.  It helped for a while, but eventually I just got sick of not seeing much results.  Once I stopped, even though I gradually added calories and reduced exercise, I just gained it all back, plus some.

I'm trying again with an even higher goal and I'm trying to lose the weight slower.  I'm not sure if it will work, but I'm hopeful.  *shrug* 

Good luck to you elkebaby.

 The way it sounds i am going to need to start eating more.  I will start doing that today and see if that helps me at all.

 I do not understand though how i can be hitting a plateau when i just started loosing weight and have only lost about 10lbs.  I thought you hit a plateau when you lose around 30 lbs.


Everyone hits plateaus at different times. Especially when you've already cut your calorie intake so low, its easy to slide right into a plateau..

I know this is kind of a delayed answer so how is everything going anyways? Did increasing the cals help?
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