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I work as an archaeologist and on field days we do a lot of digging. There are 2 of us out there and so we alternate holes. One hole I dig (which on average takes about 5-10 minutes depending on the soil type) and my digging partner screens it (using a shaker screen that we shake back and forth to get the dirt through), and then we alternate, she digs, I screen, and so on.

I tried logging in the digging into the activity log, but I am not sure if it is right, as the digging options to choose from are for digging trenches or gardening. This kind of digging is a small 30 x 30 cm hole over a meter deep. Does anyone have any idea how many calories this burns per hour? Yesterday we went out and dug 14 holes for a half days work and were BEAT (digging in the swamplands of hot humid Florida, lol). On field days I just find my energy is completely gone by the end of the day and I usually end up skipping my workouts. I am just worried that I am skipping too many workouts now that we are spending more days digging, or if my digging time burns enough calories for me to "count them" as workouts...

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I don't know what digging means? Is it like shoveling? If so, you can compute it as shoveling and can burn up to 400 or more calories an hour -depending on intensity, your weight, etc.

On a side note...can I just say how cool it is that you are an archaeologist.  I've never met anyone that is one. When I read your post, all I could think of is Jurassic Park! ;)

yes, it is with a shovel, sorry I should have mentioned that. And basically we dig as deep as we can until we run out of shovel to dig with.....


Thats what I have been logging in for shoveling, the 400 calories an hour, but to me that seems way too many  calories, especially when you take into account that Im not digging the whole hour, but screening half the time too?

And thanks for the job props! I absolutely love my husband is an archaeologist too and we had Lara Croft and Indiana Jones as our cake

First: LOVE the cake toppers! haha that is adorable!

Since you are only digging for half the time, I would log half your field hours as the "shovelling" (or what the option is for the 400cal/hr) and then log the other half as something you seem as equivalent to the screening such as "standing - light/moderate work" (but I have no idea as I'm not sure how much effort is actually involved...)

If the time period is truly split half and half this should give you a closer estimate to what you are actually burning throughout the day

Hey I am working on becoming an archaeologist and have been on a few digs myself! I agree with jennawillis16: log half the field hours as digging. Also, in my experience screening takes a good amount of effort too. I always tightened my abbs to protect my back when shaking the thing back and forth. You could just set your burn meter to moderate or vigorous activity and not log your activities.

yeah, I ususually just put it as light activities because some of the time I am not even digging, just doing paperwork, curation, or washing and analyzing artifacts, or writing reports. You know what they say, for every hour of field work thats 10 hours of paperwork back at the Its just easier for me to be conservative with my caloriies burned. Espeecially since somedays we go out in the field for only half a day, or a few hours depending on the weather.

What digs have you been on? I did my field school in Peru and am going back there this summer.  Ive also done sseveral digs throughout Florida/Georgia. Though my interests are mainly with Pre Colombian Peru and Anasazi/Mogollon Period cultures. I work as an archaeologist for the US Forest Service and after I graduate with my masters I am trying to transfer out west to work on more Mogollon Period sites. How about you?

hahaha I hear you. Gotta love the lab! I did my field school in Peru too! The site was  Moche on the northern coast.  I've also worked on a dig in Northern Ca where I currently reside. My concentration in college and current interests are in human osteology and biological archaeology. I am currently working on a study analyzing bone density in healthy and overweight living children... trying to save money for grad school. My dad agreed to pay for grad school if he could pick the program. Apparently bioarchaeology didn't make his list. lol. Have a wonderful summer in Peru! I would love to make it back soon.

I forgot to mention that I also spent a summer in Syria on a dig with one of my professors. Free labor ;)

where in Peru was your field school? Mine was in the north too, Moche/Recuay period. It was near Trujillo, the site was called Santa Rita, and located in the Chao valley. Cant wait to go back!

OMG!! Mine was called Santa Rita also and in the Chao Valley. I think we may have gone to the same field school! What summer did you go? Was your field school professor's name Dr. Jonathan Kent?

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what is ur diet contain

and how vigourous is ur exercise

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