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ok so I just bought the dvd version of Callanetics from amazon. Does anyone have any experience with this? all of the reviews were great but I am still skeptical! Any info would be great! Thanks!
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So happy ya'll posted this. I bought the 10 years younger in 10 hrs off of Amazon. I'm excited to try it!
Hey I just got my dvd today! I tried it but didn't have time to do hte whole thing...I really liked it. It was slow but intense! The abs were really hard for me and my neck was hurting a but so I put my hands behind my neck(hopefully that will help). My legs were shaking so that must be a good sign. Also ninja said that my lovehandles would melt away but I didn't really feel like I was doing anything with my love handle area very much??? I hope that thats true though that is why I got the dvd...I hate my love handles! :) Anyway if you read this ninja can you tell me what exercises really worked your love handles? That would be so great...thanks!
i've heard of callestetics its what they do in the military for PT (physical training)
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Hey, I just read all these posts & it seems like Callinetics is a good body-sculpting program. Just wondering tho what specifically it works? Like, how much is better than pilates for body sculpting? I really want to get a super long & lean look, not bulk up at all. Does it have exercises to make legs look leaner?
Original Post by abooska:

i've heard of callestetics its what they do in the military for PT (physical training)

it's different.


I just got my dvd in the mail today! Will try it when I get home and let ya'll know!

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I am a long time fan of Callanetics.  I bought my first tape 20 years ago or more. When I practice I am in better shape and see real results.  It rocks.  My under arms were jiggling sooo bad restarted just the one exercise. In  about 3 weeks,  probably a totally of 1-1/2 hours if even that, I saw the difference!  I have gone back to Callenetics,  I forgot how great it is.  You who haven't tried it will LOVE it.

I have searched and searched because I only have two tapes left and drummmmm roll is the original Callan Pickney who recovered from back problems and taught this gentle exercise form.  

I have contacted them to become a certified instrutructor.  I want to offer it to the ladies in Phoenix Arizona.  I teach bellydance also but this is the best fitness course that I know of so will be having classes at Bellydanceshoppe, in North Phoenix

I did callanetics 10 years younger dvd and it has done nothing for me.  I did the hour faithfully for about 3 weeks, almost every day  Am so sad as I need something to happen to keep me motivated.  Has anyone else had this problem???

I know this is way after the fact, but usually when Callanetics is not working for someone, it is because their form is off. It is really important to relax and stretch, and focus on the muscles in the area you are targeting. I will be posting update photos in my gallery as time goes on, because I just re-started today, but HAVE used them in the past and I know they work if you're doing them correctly.
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