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Butt twitch

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So this is a funny thing -

To preface this: I work out during my "lunch" with a co worker. We usually do the elliptical and sometimes weight machines. After that, I dry off, change my clothes and go back to work. Luckily I'm not too stinky. :)

Sometimes after a longer elliptical workout (45-50 minutes including cool down), when I get back to my desk at work I notice my butt muscles starts twitching. All over in random places for about 5 minutes. It feels weird!

Now I'm sure it's because my muscles are reacting to the workout, but does anyone know medically why this would happen?

Also, does it happen to anyone else? Or is my butt a freak of nature?

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i get the butt twitch.  don't know what it is, but assume that it's good.

I get that also! I'm on the treadmill everyday for 40 minutes, and I get little twitches down through my thighs too. I don't know what it is, but I've always assumed it was a good thing.

At least it's not just me.  :)  I assume it's a good thing too, but it still is weird to me.  Searching on the internet for info wasn't the most helpful.

Well I searched even further and found a pretty decent answer as to why it happens.  It's on page two of this article: 61/twitching_muscles_exercise_routines.html just confirmed a fear for me, diyeana.  i realized after i posted that i haven't had that in a while.  guess i'm not working hard enough!

Does it help you to stretch out?

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I don't really get the "twitches" but I did however get a very SEVERE charlie horse in my glute in the middle of the night after I had done a killer butt workout, I actually had to wake my hubby and beg him to squeeze my butt as hard as he could!  Funny now but holy cow was that wicked!Laughing

one time after working out i was this: - close to orgasming.

no joke. i was like wtf? but im not complaining. ;)

I have had that twitch before, not just in my butt, but most muscles at some time or another. It's a weird feeling, but in a good way, I think, I like it, though not in the way peace does, I think ;)
yeah, the twitch is nothing like a charlie horse.  it's not painful and doesn't indicate a need for stretching - it's just a thing.  not unpleasant, just interesting and satisfying (though, for me, not particularly close to orgasm).

I get muscle twitch after an hour long walk session, and I always thought of it as something "good".  The link was intersting but never did reveal the biological reason for the twitching, did it?  I was thinking we'd read about lactose buildup or synapse functions or glucose breakdown (I'm just throwing stuff out there, don't know what I'm talking about) but you know what I mean?  I'd still be interested in understanding the bio reason for the twitching!!

Wow close to orgasm?  Can you imagine the increase in exercise if it made you do that?  haha

Seriously though, just what kind of exercise where you doing?
The, uh, Coregasm perhaps?

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It does say on the 2nd page.  This is what it has from the article:

"Lactic acid is one cause. While muscles are relaxed, lactic acid, brought on by exercise, tends to pool and collect in the muscles. However, movement ceases any muscle twitching because motion "sloshes around" the lactic acid. This is why your legs may be twitching like mad as long as you are inert at your computer. But the moment you get up and walk across the room, the twitching stops. Or, it will usually stop just from moving your legs about while you remain seated.

Another cause is that the motor neurons are still "excited" or innervated from the exercise, and they need some time to calm down. Random electro-chemical impulses are firing away, causing the muscles to twitch. If anything, this means your muscles are in fine working order."


And I do stretch out, so I don't really think that makes a difference.  This is just a little party in my muscles.  But, not quite as great as peace gets!  *jealous*  ;)

Wow danilaz - ouch!  I've had leg charlie horses but never a butt one.  I couldn't imagine.  You can squeeze your leg and rub it out a lot easier than your butt.

lol! i love the responses to my reply, haha.

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The, uh, Coregasm perhaps?

(Edited to correct link)

 no it wasnt that. i was doing cardio. Turbo Jam.

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