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Ok, I’m not sure this really counts as a “fitness” question – but; 

Do “mini-exercises” such as butt clenches, ab contractions and thigh squeezes make any difference in the long run?   

I haven’t got back to the gym yet in 2008, I am today returning to counting calories no matter how bad or how high they turn out to be, I intend to be back into an exercise routine soon – am even considering joining a yoga class or something, I feel like the least flexible person in the world right now!! 

But these mini exercises – I if I do them in my car on the way to work, or while sat at my desk for the day……… Will there be any results?  I find it difficult to believe that any additional movement is pointless, but the exercises seem too simple to even be classed as exercises. 

Opinions………..? :o)

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Do you think pen clickers, leg swingers or those that have the irritating habit of rapidly making their legs jump, the "fidgeters" in general can be considered athletes??? LOL

No, honestly, I don't think this counts as exercise, but it may, in the very long run, help you tone those particular muscles... 

Just my own opinion. Maybe there is someone out there who has another take on things.

Good luck on starting "real" exercise again. 


 Um... LOVE IT, but for the most part I agree with Schaufel.

However, I might as well mention that "Floor Excersizes" which focus on the intentional contraction of the vaginal walls would fall into this catagory.  I think they are the One exception.  Because they are such a odd muscle to work out... BUT women with strong walls give birth faster and have better sex... Something to keep in mind for those long drives.

 also, you arn't the only one, My Grandma always told me the best way to get a flat tummy is to ALWAYS suck it in, makes you stronger she said... Who knows.

Maybe.  Not in the huge mega muscle world but in my mini world, cheek clenching means something cause when I've done that, I can feel it in my achey lower back and I am standing straighter then too- so for me it would be a toning exercise and thus an improvement to my health.  I can't and won't do calisthentics or weights or running etc. cause my body can't take it.  I know that I sound like I am in my 70s and 80s- I am not but doing all these vigorous He Man stuff would accelerate back spasms.  Yuck.  Rump clenching and ab contractions  and thigh squeezes all make you aware of your body and the condition it is in- fantastic.  A grand start.  I jog walk in a swimming pool and one of the exercises I have been told to do in order to strengthen my back is to basically squeeze my thighs- turn a leg in toward the other. Basic but very needed.  Good luck in your journey and glad you have started. 

You might not want to hear this from an old broad, but ladies, those exercises in tiny little private areas help with several things.

As a sex partner, the guys will ummmm.... well, do it, and let the guys tell you... Cool  I assure you, it is a big deal to them.

Later in life, those muscles are a very useful  help in function control... psst* like might help you avoid "Attends"... google that.... Wink

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