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Ok- so these vary in the facts a tad... but one says you can burn "Up To" (I know, key words) 600 calories in a 30-minute hot tub session.
The other says 300 calories in 20 minutes...

Am I crazy??? Or is this mis-information?? I can't see sitting in a hot tub (usually consuming liquid calories... hee hee hee) Can burn more calories than an intense aerobic session???

If this is true, Call me the wilted one.....
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OMG... I hope its true... I will go in our hot tub more often... Usually we get in 1 or 2 times a week.  Thanks for the info Mercedes... I am going to read it when I get home!!! Please oh Please let it be true!!
Maybe it depends who you are in the hot tub with.......
LOL... I guess your right sesoz!!! needed the giggle...
I just noticed that one of the sites you listed is for hot tubs and the other is for a sauna.  That may be the difference in calories.  But if it is true about reducing the calories I have both a hot tub and my husband put in a sauna when we redid the bathroom.   Please let us know if the information is really true.  I may just stay in there for
The problem with hot tubs and saunas is that they increase your basal body temperature (reset your thermostat). A small increase in body temperature relates to a huge increase in BMR (basal metabolic rate). This is why people with a fever lose weight so rapidly. If you stay in too long you will be burning protien (muscle fibres) for energy - and this is not good.

I am not sure about the current time recommendations, but they used to say spend no longer then 20 minutes in spas/saunas.
hey just be careful cause it may interfere with the sperm production (men) at the same time it is not completely safe (for those of you who were imagining all kinds of athletic activities :) )
LMAO @ the "athletic" activities...
THAT IS NOT what I had in mind... LOL

This is the best news I've heard... Sitting still in warm water- burning calories. Life is good.
I didn't notice the second one was a sauna... Same result though. I'm intrigued, to say the least.

Now if only i can get into the hot tub without consuming too many calories in wine!!!  ;)

EDIT- Crazyflute: About the sperm production, I think I am pretty low on that stuff anyways...   ;)
So where do we post hot tub? under exercise and is it in the list some where?   If this is true I will be in the hot tub everyday.
I'll have to look into it, but from what I understand heat does not significantly increase your calorie expenditure.  Seen that "sauna" belt on late-night TV?  A complete load of rubbish.

Subjecting yourself to a cold environment, on the other hand, will definitely increase your burn rate.  Your body will have to work harder to maintain its temperature, burning off those wonderful calories in the process.
You are right there Erik ....since I started to loose weight I have noticed that I am colder all of the glad the nice weather is finally here.

Erik... way to spoil my fantasy...
Sighhh... burning calories whilst being my lazy self... how wonderful.

Well- you know what they say- if it sounds to good to be true... LOL
i have a hot tub here and I use it twice a week for 20 mins! and I have seen the difference in my weight loss.  It does help also to relax muscles after a work-out!

but I agree with everyone.. don't over do it.  It is like eating and working out.  If you over do it you wont see results!
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