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Ok, I feel so lost. Is it 3500 calories above my daily output or 3500 calories including my daily output? I work at a desk so I'm rather sedentary during the day, but I've done a lot of walking this week and I still haven't made it to even 1000 calories burned from the walking. I'm so confused!

If it IS the calories burned including regular output, where can we see those calories included (the amount that it allots to us depending on our lifestyle)...

Does this make any sense? I'm sorry...ahahahaha


Confused in Canada hehehehehe
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It works like this... work with me, here.

Firstly, your body needs XXXX calories just to survive.. to beat your heart, work your lungs, brains, liver, kidneys, etc. This is called your Basal Metabolism Rate (BMR). MOST of the calories you burn per day is burned by your body, and encapusulated under this term, BMR.

THEN, you burn extra calories by moving.. walking, stretching, fidgeting, exercising.

Add these two numbers together, and you get the total number of calories you burn a day.

With me so far?

Than you want to eat about 500 calories LESS than that number.

To get an estimate of how much you burn per day, you can use this site's tools, which will estimate your expenditure (what you burn) and your allowance (how much you should eat.)

Understand? :)
ok 3500cals equals 1 pound.  IF you eat, normally, 2000cals a day and cut out 500 cals a day that will eliminate 3500 cals from your WEEKLY diet giving you the weight loss of 1 pound.

But make sure you include the exercise too so you are also turning fat into muscle.  This way you are losing "excess fat" and gaining muscle.

make sense???
to find your cal.burning at work go to account in the blue line above then the line above that has activity log    click    on the left  side is a list pick occupation   in there find things you do   also look in walking and home activities  (laundry is in there and if you lug it up and down stairs make sure you use it)
So I worked it out, but I am horrible at math.

I take in 11, 200 calories/week and I burn 12, 600.

Am I going to lose weight or no?


Jamie - if my calculations are right you have a weekly deficit of 1400 which means you should lose but its going to be less than a 1/2 lb a week but slow is good.
So basically, I need to get that calorie defecit getting my a$$ in gear. Haha...

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