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How can I burn calories with a foot injury?

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I've done something to my foot (nothing major, but it does hurt) ... and I think that jogging on it has probably made it worse rather than "loosened" it as I intended. I'm pretty stupid, OK?

How can I burn calories without putting pressure on my feet? I can't even walk long distances at the mo and as I've been eating so much lately I really don't wanna let things slide, ya know?

I can't think of anything other than waving my arms around for the sake of it ... and that seems kinda silly. Is there something else?!
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get a wheelchair and whiz that thing around like crazy! jk
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Trust me, I've done the "It'll work itself out" thing a few times.  You are not alone there.

Do you have a bike to ride?  Swim?  Water aerobics?  Water jog?  There's always those weird arm bike things at the gym.  Weights?  Just a few ideas.

I hope you have a speedy recovery because foot injuries are no fun.  Ice always seems to help speed things along too!

Last week I hurt my shins big time and could barely walk so I did push ups sit ups dips and free weights didn't do any leg workouts. 

Ice and elevate the foot take ibuprofen and just rest the foot as much as possible. 

Ok if u already didnt know i had 2 really bad accidents with my left ankle in the past 8 months. I was told to stay elevated and keep off my feet i didnt. I went arond everywhere with my crutches and when i got out of that i walked and walked. If it is hard to walk on anly one foot then u have should go and get crutches and move around as much as possiable. this is alot more work then u think and it really builds up ur arm muscles. if its a pian in both pf ur feet then get a wheelchair.

You should be able to do the basics...pushup, crunches what not. but if u want something else try yoga, it will streanghten ur muscles without 2 much straighn. running and jogging is stilll out off the question 4 me. it seems like ,4 know, it is 4 u to. just remember its only 4 a lil while. now u have to focus on alternative exercise. swinning is great because u work everything, even ur foot. biking is awsome to, just make sure when u r getting off ur bike u dont land on ur bad foot. It will be very painful. I used to bike 10 miles a day when i was hurt becasue i had no other maens of a intense workout. Lifting weights is good, u can even work yur legs, so even though u cant run and keep ur muscles up u can by doing leg presses and diffrent leg exercises.

 foot flex and back/ side 2 side will streanghen ur foot so u wont hurt it again. curious how did u hurt it? where exactly does it hurt and do u know what exact;y it is that u did to ur foot?

i will check to c ur progress..good luck!

I had a stress fracture in my lower leg and couldn't perform any weight bearing exercises for 2 months :(.

Do you have access to a pool?  Swimming is a great workout and will not put stress on your foot.
Thanks a lot! I don't have a bike and can't afford to go swimming (LOL), but I'll probably do more sit-ups than usual and maybe get the old yoga book out.
omg- same thing. 10 days ago i tore two ligaments playing soccer. Im out for 6 weeks!! i'm so sad, because i used to work out a lot and now i can only do weights at the gym. i'm scared im going to gain weight, and have tried to reduce my calorie intake to 1200...but thats SO little food. i go over every day! there are only so many upper body weights i can do. does anyone have any lower body suggestions for me at the gym with one good leg? a friend said i could do the elliptical after a while...with or without my brace is this possible?
just rest.. do weight lifting for a while and pass the cardio.

I was just diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and it really hurts. I had to nix my calf raises, treadmill and elliptical. Basically anything that requires me to come up on the ball of my foot.

I'm stuck with the recumbent bike and rower for now. So far so good. However, after reading an article here that overall weight lifiting will help my fat loss than aerobics, I am moving toward the weight room for the majority of my workout time beginning tomorrow (and nixing sugar from my diet with the exception of fruit).

You didn't say which ligaments you injured so it's hard to say. You might be able to get on all fours and do weighted leg raises with your good leg (maybe even your bad one). Little pulses and holding your leg up behind you and to the side is killer on the legs. Many pilates moves are good and don't require much foot or lower leg involvement.

I'd check with your doc on what you can/can't do.


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