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Burn 500 calories the fastest...

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I'll be honest...i hate the gym.  I want to start eating my maintenance calories...1700.  I'm 5'6" 148 pounds.  I want to lose a pound a week.  So all I have to do is burn 500 calories a day, right?  What can I do to do this?
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It depends on what you hate the least...

About 40 minutes at a moderate-high effort on the elliptical should do it, or 35 minutes running relatively fast (8-9 minute miles), or a step class.

Are you planning on lifting weights?  Lean muscle will help you lose weight though moderate weight lifting doesn't burn as many calories/hour as aerobic activities.

There are tools on this cite which will tell you exactly how many calories you can expect to burn while doing any number of activities.

Good Luck!

walk at a fast pace one hour in the morning, and one in the evening.
or do major cleaning
or jog for a while or dance.
500 is a lot, so id spread out the burning through the day, even if just a couple hours, and make sure that you are eating healthy.
if you live in a warmer area, swimming is a great toner/burner and you can easily burn 500 in just an hour or two.

40-45 minutes of Tae Bo burns close to 500 cals, if you're into kickboxing.

Also power yoga burns anywhere from 500-600 cals/hour.

What are you interested in?

I never knew how many cals Taebo burned. It is my main form of exercise and high recommend it. Those 40 minutes go by too fast.

Hi, if you absolutely hate the gym, don't worry about it. I think the trick is to find something you actually enjoy. Do you like being outside? Walking? Running? Sports? Biking? All of those things are done outside of the gym. In the winter, it does get harder to find non-gym things, but it's not impossible. Find something you like and those 500 cals will just fly by.

I'm with you when it comes to hating the gym. but i also want to get into the excercise thing and lose quickly. i just can't stand the jello belly any more. i walk 3 days a week for an hour. how can i improve that? :) i mean my god, my meter says i have to burn 2000 a day to reach my goal.
WinkI invested in a treadmill a couple of weeks ago and love it.  It tells you how many calories you burn, allows you to change the speed and incline and has a feature so you can plug in a certain amount of calories that you want to burn.  My husband set it up in the garage for me with a TV near it.  I watch the news for about an hour while on it or read for about an hour and before I know it, my hour is up, I've burned over 300 calories and have gone 3 miles!  I change it a bit so that I walk, jog and run during the hour, and I raise the incline here and there to give me a better work out.  BTW--Yesterday my husband was copping a feel under my skirt and said he could tell my thighs and buns were getting firmer.  Sorry, maybe a little TMI....but it sure made me feel good knowing my efforts are paying off.  Also, I've lost a little over 4 lbs in 2 weeks. 
I'm with Tae-Bo; 44 minutes for the cardio tape burns close to 450 calories!
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500 calories just from working out is a lot...try cutting down on food???

You don't sound too big.  You might want to consider running or cycling.  Riding at 15mph sucks down calories like nobodys business, and isn't that hard with some work.  Both get you outside and away from your sofa.  Much better than treadmills, which I consider deadly dull.



How far do you have to drive to commuter to work?  Or how many times do you run errands that are 3 miles or less from your house?  If you replace driving the car with cycling for some of those errands, so you're doing about an hour of cycling a day at about 10-12 MPH, you'll burn about 500 calories.
enroll in dance classes (you can burn 400 cals an hour if you do an intense one) and take walks, bike rides, and/or runs. THat should be at LEAST 500 cals a day.
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