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Burn 500 calories per day without exercise equipment?

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Could someone list a routine that would enable me to burn 500 calories a day? I have no exercise equipment besides a jump rope. Please help, I'm brain stuck with ideas, and can't figure out any routines. If possible please list the exercise and the amount of time I should do each exercise. Thanks.

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The list of things you can do is endless and the amount of time it will take you to burn 500 calories is specific to you and depends on your size and current level of fitness.  Examples: walk, run, do exercise videos, do floor exercises, mop, hop, bop, etc.
 If you're just looking to burn calories, take a walk, go for a jog, or get out your bike.

 Move and have fun, the rest is details.

'course, if you've got a specific goal there's more specific recommendations to be made, but as long as you're moving you're burning extra calories ;)

get a big plastic container, like the kind used to tote kitty litter and fill it with water or sand.... then do a routine like melkors fave RFFL or any other routine with lots of dynamic, full body moves.


Well I dont really have a routine but I run up and down the driveway, do jumping jacks, jump rope is REALLY good do that for as long as you can. Yesterday i went outside with one of those bouncy balls (i have kids) and kicked it around and ran behind it, and I was hitting like a volleyball against a wall so it would come back to me....I bet I burned 150 - 200 calories easy in 30 minutes! You don't have to time it; just go outside and walk or do something fun for a half hour and you can burn alot!

the best time to burn calories is in the morning, start with a morning jog. hiking is also really good exercise. 

A list of calories burned per hour with specific exercises: 0109

You can also use the "burn meter" to see specifically what you are burning, or would burn, if you did something. Just delete it from your log if you are only "checking" and haven't really done the work.

BUT--really, just get out and move. An early morning walk is a wonderful way to start the day. Kids and/or dogs can join you if necessary. And I'm pretty sure that having them with you adds to the work, too (and therefore, to the calories burned!)

I only burn 500+ if I do something really strenuous (soccer, jogging) for an hour or more. I often take a walk once a day (relaxing but calorie-burning) and then do something more strenuous for a second, shorter-but-more-strenuous workout later. Find something that works for YOU. I don't need any equipment for most of my favorites-walking/hiking/joggin--either!

Go for a run, or join a team sport like soccer or basketball.

Also, bootcamp-style conditioning is really fun. I used to work out with the hockey team at my school, and we'd do a lot of stuff that requires absolutely no equipment. I incorporate that in my runs now if I get bored.

Here's what I did last night, for example: I ran for about 20 minutes to a local school, then ran interval sprints and running drills (suicides, karaokes, high knees, butt kicks, walking lunges, etc.). After that, I jogged a lap around the field, and did some pushups, situps, jump squats and lunges, and ran over to a fire hydrant to do some split squats and tricep dips. I could have gone to the playground to do pullups, but I was feeling lazy and I hate pullups, so I didn't. After that, I ran another 20 minutes home. Total time: one hour. Which is about 4% of your day.

Try looking into plyometrics drills. Stuff I like are walking pushups, bear crawls, step-ups, etc. Also? Find a set of stairs in your neighbourhood and run up and down for as long as you can.

Get a backpack or a duffel bag. Reinforce it and get several smaller bags and fill them with sand. You now have a sandbag which you can adjust the weight of. You could also use the large bottles you use for water coolers, and adjust the amount of water in it according to your level of strength.Try weighted squats, deadlifts, farmer carries, or cosmonaut sit-ups. Do chin-ups on a tree branch, or a playground. 

Jump that rope. Find a track and run fartleks on it, or if you can't find a track, run intervals using lampposts or a stopwatch. Drive around on garbage day and find an old mattress, and use it as a heavy bag to punch the crap out of. Dance.

There's a lot more that you could do, really - everything I've just listed is only a starting point. Have fun and be creative; gyms are boring, expensive, and wholly unnecessary for getting into shape.

I don't have any exercise equipment, but I have a huge 60 x 60 foot lot that's packed with weeds.  I was out there pulling, stretching, bending and cussing for 3 1/2 hours and burned 900+ calories.    I took some breaks (water) and only logged 2 1/2 hours honestly.    When it gets too hot and I'm ready to be done, I'm invigorated, hungry and happy that I got an old fashioned work out and my yard looks better than ever each day. 

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It really depends on your weight. I burn 500 calories by dancing for one hour Wink but you have to dance very fast for that!

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