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how many calories should I eat if i normally eat 1300 on an non active day?
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eat it all back, so 1700
oh okay  so burn 400 eat 400 i get ya
Eat enough to get to the deficit you want, if you burn 400 you might need to eat 200 extra, maybe 400 extra, maybe 600 extra, we can't tell from the amount of information you provided.
oh so what u need ,5'8 144 pounds and eat 1300 on non active days , and i want to loose at lease 4 pounds by memorial day may 25th, I dont really understand how many calories i should  eat when i work out  if i burned 400 c alories when i work out?
Use the tools on this site to figure out how many calories you burn each day (the 400 you burn when you work out is only part of it, you burn calories all day long) and eat 500 less than that each day.

In order to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume.  So if you burn 400 calories with exercise then you potentially have created a calorie debt.  Ideally in order to lose weight start with consuming 100-300 calories less than you burn.  It takes about 3500 calories to generate a pound of fat.  In order to lose a pound of fat you have to burn off 3500 extra calories.  So if you are consuming 300 calories less than you consume you will burn off the pound of fat  in about 12 days.  Does that help?

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