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Building muscle, losing fat

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So I have a question about diet. I want to get much more lean. More like this: rqz2nzo1_400.jpg roytj3o1_500.jpg rqlia6o1_500.jpg

And less like this: rshxalo1_r1_500.jpg

I want to be stronger and more flexible.

So, I think the idea of weightloss and maintenance diets make so much more sense to me.

How am I supposed to eat to get this way? Am I supposed to eat more to gain? Am I supposed to eat less to lose the fat? Am I supposed to eat more but only add more protein? Or eat more but more of everything? Or eat less but make sure I am getting plenty of protein? Do I still eat a good balance of all the food groups like I would with normal maintenance? 

I just don't get it..

Sorry if I just sound really dumb haha, I am newish to the "fitness" aspect, I generally just eat really healthy I never worried to much about trying to "improve".

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Thanks you guys I started 30 Day Shred because I didn't feel like I was doing much at home. I I stretch, run, and hoop at home but that was about all I was doing.

At school on the other hand I bench, I deadlift, I squat,, you know, all the works. We do lifting Monday Wednesday Friday and then Tuesday Thursday is cardio. So I know my way around a gym. Come this fall at uni I will be able to walk into the gym and know what I am doing :)

I am pretty much willing to do whatever works consistently.

I am thinking about doing p90x after I am done with 30 Day Shred. Would that help me get the super strong bod? Or do you recommend something else? It's easier for me to just do p90x because I already have that but if it's not worth it I can find something else.

Lifting 3x/week is going to do far more than 30 Day Shred or p90x. Worry about building muscle before revealing it. It's okay if you don't have picture-perfect abs. Here's all you need to do:

1. Lift heavy.

2. Eat right.

3. Love yourself.

:) Best advice I have gotten so far. Thank you,

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