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I started out with walking and playing my i just do my ea sports active on my wii 6 days a week and hour a day and some walking. ( due to my daughter getting outta school its hard to find some me time) I have notice a hughe dif in my muscles they are seriously huge! Should i be worried is there a such thing as to much muscle? should i continue to build muscle? I mean i workout my hole body and my legs look like a mans legs my calfs are 17" and thighs are 28" last time i checked. I still have another 47lbs to go for my first goal. I just feel like im loseing ft but gaining muscle should i be worried or just let it go? Is there a way to burn fat and NOT gain muscle? Also anyone have exercises for your inner thighs, hips, and rib cage? I know it sounds weird but my ribcage has a good amount of fat and i would like to have muscle. Also my hips are ugly my hubby loves them to death but its not his body and i want the ft gone!!!! Sorry for all the ?'s im a lil confused on this whole thing. Thanks

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You should be pleased that you're losing fat and gaining muscle! Muscle gives your body shape, if you lose fat without gaining or toning muscle you'll look flabby/saggy. The more muscle you have means the higher your metabolism, which ultimately means you'll burn more fat. So it's a good thing! Anyway the only way you're going to gain HEAPS of muscle is if you do a lot of weight training and eat more than you expend, i.e. if you don't have a calorie deficit.

I'm sure you could find plenty of thigh exercises with a google search or even a forum search using the search bar on the top right, and I could be wrong but I doubt there are any exercises for your hips or ribcage, seeing as you don't have much muscle there so there isn't much you can work out. The only way you're going to become slimmer in those areas is overall fat loss seeing as you can't target fat loss, unfortunately. 

When you first get into a regular exercise program, your muscles become slightly inflamed. It is healthy and part of the rebuilding/repairing process that happens during the time in-between workouts. That inflammation causes some water weight gain (just in the muscles though) and gives you that "puffy" feeling. It doesn't continue to add to your weight and it doesn't contribute to your fat % if you ever get measured with calipers (or hydrostatically). But it does contribute a couple of pounds on the scale.

That weight goes away in a couple of weeks if you stop working out regularly, so people get "tricked" into thinking that they didn't gain any fat while on a long vacation. Actually, what happens is they lose the muscle water, and gain some fat, come home the same weight as they left, and then can't figure out why they gained 4 pounds as soon as they resume their regular workouts!


You should not worry at all about gaining muscle. You are female so you can not gain much. It is a complete waste of time to worry about this.

It is actually very difficult to gain and maintain muscle mass. This is even true for men, and we have about 10 times more of a natural steroid in our bodies called testosterone than women do.

Over the last 4 months I lost 18 pounds. Although most of what I lost was fat, I also lost a little muscle. I lifted heavy weights and did everything I could to keep all my muscle, but in the end I couldn't lose weight without losing some muscle.

In addition, the size of my arms and chest, where I didn't think I had any fat at all, decreased significantly. So there was fat in those areas even though they looked like just muscle. Fat is all over your body, and most bulk will be fat and not muscle.


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