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Broken tailbone ruins exercise plans

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I fell down a flight of stairs this weekend and broke my tailbone. It hurts to sit, to stand, to walk, to lie down. So much for my plan to ramp up my exercise.

Unless.... Does anyone have suggestions for gentle exercises one can do without wincing in pain in the coccyx?
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No exercise suggestions...just an urge to tell you to care for it now, or pay for it later.  I broke my tailbone 12 years ago, never got treated for it, worked through the pain, and it never healed right.  Today...I have a hard time standing up without using my arms and hands to lift me.  I can't do the stationary bike, and forget about jogging or other high impact.  Just rest and make sure you heal properly.  Cut back on your cals if your that worried about it.  I'm sorry to hear about your fall.  Sounds like you might be lucky to have walked away with only a pain in your ass!!!   
Oooh...I feel your pain, literally.  I just badly bruised mine over a year ago and it took me months to heal.
I was roller blading earlier this afternoon and I fell really hard when I made a hair pin turn around a sharp corner. I landed on cement and and a bunch of people saw me :-(

I haven't had to opportunity to go see my doctor or get an x ray yet but I really hope it's not broken. I hurts so much! I"m just lying on my back right now icing it. I live in a women's boarding house with 30 other women so I keep having to explain to people why I'm laying on the couch with a big bag of ice on my butt :-(
i have had an experience like that, fell on a slippery concrete floor, thought i broke my tailbone, but just bruised it.  i can only imagine how you feel.  i was off any exercise for quite a few weeks.  don't overdue it you will regret it. 
Oh wow, I should have read the forums before posting. Im in the same boat looking for the same advice...sorry for the double post!
I'd say, as aggravating as it can be, don't exercise. Just let your little tail heal. :-)

See the doctor, if you can.
I sprained mine last year, after I fell down stairs basically onto my but... your health is most important, and although it sucks to not be able to work out, actually being stationary and not exercising will help it heal faster... especially since its ACTUALLY broken, which is hard to do.... take it easy and just make sure u are eating right and skimp down to the lower end of ur calorie range, rather than work out...

another small thing u could do is lift weights in the arms? keep them strong, esp since most females have no upper body strength, maybe u will come out of this strong on top then u can go back to doing the bottom half?  but really if anything strains it more, or hurts it.. def just rest til u are better... take it easy
so what should i do? No strenuous excercise or should I avoid any kind of strain at all. I kind of have to walk around a lot on my campus but I can take the shuttle if I want. Should I just lay on my stomach as much as possible? And how long should I wait before I can excercise again?

Hi there - first let me start by saying i'm so sorry you fell and I completely know what you are going through! about a month ago i fell down the stairs and landed right on my tail bone. it hurt but i didn't feel the real pain until the next morning - i could barely move. i tried to drive to work and the pain was so bad i thought i would puke! i drove to urgent care and found out that i fractured it! i went to work the next day and again was in so much pain it was terrible. my boss suggested i see my doctor to be put on FMLA in case i can't work - i went the next morning and found out after further xrays that not only is it fractured but it's also displaced - the tip is pointing outward! i've been on disability for a month. just returned to work today only on restriction of 4hrs per day - sitting is still terrible and when i push too much i pay for it.

i have talked to my doctor about what i can do - i was told nothing - absolutely nothing! as frustrating as it is if the area does not heal correctly you could set yourself up to be in chronic pain for the rest of your life. which seems many others here have said as well. as my doctor said, if you think not being able to workout or get around or even just sit is frustrating now, imagine having to deal with this for the rest of your life!

that was warning enough for me! so take care - use a heating pad it helps to relax the muscles around the area - take tylenol arthritis or ibuprophen if you can take that. if you are in a lot of pain the doc can give you pain meds which does wonders.

good luck!@

I see that this has been posted a while ago, but I figured I could help even if it's not for the original writer. Hopefully you, "mediathinker", are feeling way way better now!! I've just recently fractured my tailbone. I'm on a steroid for inflammatory, had a Toradol shot last week, and now Ult-ram is the new drug they changed from codeine. I'm on light duty at work. It's not nearly as bad as "jlaw", but anyway, I found a website with a few ideas for exercising or more along the lines of just keeping your body stretched so it doesn't tighten up on you. tured-tailbone-exercises/


Good luck with your back-end! I wish you the best!

I messed up my tailbone and then had to take a bus home.  Then, on the bus right back to school, the bus crashed.  I would rest your behind until it no longer hurts to sit.

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