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Broken Foot - Exercise?

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I hurt my foot two weeks ago, but assumed it was just a bad bruise at the time. Since it started hurting a bit the last few days, I finally went in & had it x-rayed, and it turns out I broke the two outer metatarsals (the long bones running along your foot). Since I've been running on it for two weeks, they've shifted out of place. I'm getting a hard cast tomorrow & I'll know then how long it will be on, but I'm worried about how this will affect my workout. I do have a very high pain tolerance, but I've been told that running's out of the question while they try to realign the bones. Any new workout ideas or input from those of you who've had foot/leg injuries recently? Thanks!


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I am not sure if it is a good idea or not but there was a girl in my spinning class last week with a cast on her foot.  She said it didn't hurt, but it got very sweaty.  I would check with your doctor first, but maybe doing the sationary bike would be okay

Balance being a big part of exercise, you would have to find something to do where you can sit.

Google sitting in a chair exercises.

Hey, I hear you!  I just broke my toe (not as bad as the whole foot, I know, but painful), thought it was just bruised and continued to run on it. They tell me that there is nothing to do but wait it out. They don't put any type of cast on a toe. But my doctor knows that I've got a high pain tolerance and warned me to take it easy. If it doesn't heal right I could have long-term problems with it.

In terms of exercise, swimming is the best thing but not with the hard cast. Could you talk to your doctor about biking or spinning? Something that doesn't put weight on your foot? The other option might be pliates? You can also focus on upper body, weights should be ok and any type of arm-rowing machine can be used to help get a bit of cardio.  Do take it easy - this is not the time to rush your body to heal.

good luck!

I broke the 2nd metatarsal last year. I asked my Dr. at the time if I could do a recumbent bike or somesuch. He recommended against it, because he feared I would misalign the bone and it wouldn't heal right. He suggested upper body weights, but not squats or dead lifts (pressure on the foot).

I pretty much just waited it out and watched my eating as much as possible.
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