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What can i do about my boobs?

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I have worked really hard these past few months to try to lose fat and have been excercising consistantly. However after losing 30lbs my underbust now measures 31.5 inches, down from 36 inches but my boobs have remained 41inches...i thought with my height my boobs were ridiculous before but now i feel like a walking joke, the stares however dont bother me as iv had big boobs all my life. but because i have lost so much of my (back)fat im starting to suffer a lot from inflammation of my chest wall (too much bouncing i guess) and quite painful backaches. i have awesome sports bras but there is only so much support fabric can offer before gravity takes over. I love my workouts and dont want to stop, i love running and high impact cardio, if im not sweating im not happy. Im looking for someone out there who is going to tell me that eventually the boobs will shrink 20lbs and five cups sizes away from my target! 

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It seems like you're just exercising more and thus your muscles are still having trouble supporting them; I'm really not sure how losing fat would make your muscles more sore.  Keep exercising and lose more weight, they will go down eventually!  At some point you'll be burning fat and it will be the only place left to take it from. Or, you could just give them to me :)

I hear ya. What can I say. I'm waiting for mine to shrink too. I have lost 34 pounds, but none in the chest. We can chat more about this by email, please (ellybelle).

Soon, though, being fit enough, they surely must shrink.

I'm 12 pounds away from my goal weight.

What's this wonderful bra you reference?

what if you slowed the cardio down for a while and pick up the weights for a bit. They can be very demanding, as well as less impact.

the sports bra i was talking about is the shock absorbers... they are really good esp for running. figleaves sell them, so does bravissimo and brastop...these stores are located in the uk but figleaves has some headquarters in new york.

i guess i could slow down my cardio for while to help with the inflammation, but the back pain will happen regardless of whether im bouncing or standing in line at the grocery store. I already lift weights three times a week and have always paid special attention to my back exercises making them as strong as possible, which is why i have never had any back problems till now. i guess the weight in front is just a little bit too much right now.   

Wear two sports bras? Or combination of a sports bra with a body bra (the tight sports tops). I have not tried this but have heard others do it. It probably won't help much at all but it's worth a try once, yeah?

On a side note, if they are having such a large impact on your life, you could consider breast reduction. In the US, some insurances will cover this procedure if its proven that they are causing you back pain, affecting daily life, etc. If your bra straps are leaving divets in your shoulders and such. What you are describing sounds like it's specifically connected to exercise and you sound like you are not too bothered by the size of your breasts (other than the current dilemma) but I thought I'd throw that out there.

I'm noticing this myself and unfortunately have no idea --all I can offer is sympathy!  I was hoping back soreness would get better, not worse, as the weight came off. BUt instead I feel like my posture is just collapsing under the weight at times  -  sometimes when I'm just sitting around the house or on a train or something and suddenly find myself leaning way forward! I've lost about 70, losing many inches around the band (now 31 at the band and 42 around the breast) and a little bit of fullness, but only 1 cup size . (Well, technically I didn't need to but any problems b/c I was apparently stuffing them into too-small bras after I gained the weight!!) I love running and high impact cardio as well but you are so right, gravity will ultimately win, double bra or not! I also faithfully do strength training, including back work - I'm sure it helps but I just feel even more disproportionate!

annkatom - the double bra system often works well for lower impact workouts, like elliptical or classes. But I've yet to hear of a large chested woman find anything truly successful for running.   Technically an underwire sports bra in a 'normal' bra style (Champion make some great ones) works best with a tight standard  or adjustable sports tank bra on top. But that usually leads to open sores on the breasts themselves afterwards and chafing.  Sad, but I just chalk it up as normal, although its been bad a few times! And even the best single sports bras do little for bouncing.  SIgh! I hate to think of surgery, but it may end up being an option on my end! 

I'm in a similar situation, and while I haven't been lifting long enough to say for sure if this will work, I've been told to focus on strengthening my chest muscles.  Apparently, working your pecs and other muscles underneath your boobs will help your body support them better, and take some of the strain off your back.


melodrama1, focusing on the chest muscles will definately aid your back, as well as paying attention to your core. also chest workouts will also give the pups a little more lift (although mine are more great danes then but its the same story again, even though my body is stronger then its ever been, losing the extra fat that helped support my boobs seems to of had more of a negative affect, then positive.

i know alot of large chested women swear by the double bra system, i have tried it a couple of times but actually find it really difficult to breathe properly. a reduction has crossed my mind a few times but im part of the small percentage of the u.s population that have to buy their own private insurance but cant actually afford to use it cause the deductable is exborbantly high. So therefore a reduction is out of the question. Plus i do like having big boobs (just not this big) i just have to stay positive and look forward to seeing my cup size eventually start shrinking.  

I would suggest picking up the weights as well, but making sure your upper back is getting a good workout might be as important as making sure the pecs are getting worked. 


Actually the double bra system has worked very well for me, and I do high intensity exercises. It allows me to do 60 consecutive jumping jacks, jump rope for up to 3 minutes, walk run and do all sorts of plyo exercises without experiencing pain in the workout. I've dropped a few sizes, so I can't answer ellybelle's query- losing weight there has not been a problem for me. But I am currently 40DDD, and I've dropped about 3 sizes, so I am good testimony to the effectiveness of wearing two sports bras whilst exercising.


Sorry I have no suggestions.  I lost a little over 30lbs and didn't want my breasts to shrink but they did.  I went from a C to a B.  Maybe it's genetic predispositioning.


I have a dear friend who has lost about 80lbs, she had HUGE boobs when she started the process, and they didn't start shrinking until she lost about 50lbs.  now they're down considerably in size and look great.. they ended up being proportional to her new body size! 

This is not to say that you have to lose 50lbs to make your bust shrink, but that it may take some time for the girls to catch up with the rest of you. As far as sports bras, etc, i have no idea what to tell ya.  She is not very active (did the whole weight loss on WW, with no excercise) and I am not blessed with an amble bosom.

Best of luck in your searching.


its funny the comment about genetic predisposition, i have five sisters and they are all B cups and so is my you can imaging the suprise when i woke up one morning at age 13 and had i gain weight it goes on my boobs first (when i was nine months pregnant, my boobs were still bigger then my belly). I guess its just a waiting game....first on, last off!

Ellybelle -- I've lost almost 40 pounds -- went from a 44DDD to a 38DDD and the back pain increased significantly.  I'm all front and no back now.  I finally went to my doctor and she sent me to a surgeon and in November I get them reduced!  Yay.  If you can't lose them by exercising and dieting, and you have insurance, ask your doctor about a reduction.  Good luck!!!

About genetics: my mom is also large breasted and recently lost a lot of weight due to bad health, she got down in the 120s -- guess what, her cup size didn't change at all. 

Have you tried working your pectorals and and upper back muscles? try dumb bell bench presses, peck deck, pull overs, and rowing, and bent lateral flyes, if you haven't already.

Building the muscles beneath the breasts will help support them, strong muscles in the back may help you with the back pain, basically doing, or helping out the bra.

I've known a few woman who've reduced breast size as they lost weight b/c the worked with weights. Some people you can't reduce breast size by exercising/diet, but everyone's different so I don't buy it.

The theory of muscle & metabolism, is that greater the muscle mass (not always big but tight) the faster the metabolism, and thus the more fat is consumed, the breasts being mostly fat, may begin to get smaller. You'll probably also want to keep up those chest exercises so that they remain perky as they reduce.

Hope this makes sense. Give it a try.

I am glad to find we are not alone!!

I notice more back pain, and lots of slouching as I was loosing weight but not as much in the chest area.

My solution has been to work back, chest (covered above) and core muscles more. I work the core muscles simply by sitting on an exercise ball during tv. It's really rather fun it you challenge yourself, like no feet on the ground until the next commercial. And it feels really awesome to stretch on, by laying back on it, or doing hip rotations. It has helped a lot.

I also noticed a correlation with weight gained/lost. Last gained first off.

If it helps though, I have lost some chest-weight too, just not quite as much as everywhere else, seems to go slow there....

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