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Body Pump calories burned

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I have been doing Body Pump since April of this year, and I really enjoy it.  The Les Mills posters in the gym suggest that a body can burn 560 calories per hour, but I've always logged mine as 450, which is the low end of the range our instructor told us.  Even so, I read some independent reviews of Body Pump that estimate a burn of 350.

I bought a FitBit tracker yesterday, and I wore it during this morning's Body Pump class.  I was looking forward to a more accurate reading.  Imagine my surprise when it read 186 calories after one hour!

Anyone have any insight, opinions, etc?

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Body pump/group power is a strength endurance class.... You are suppose to go from one track to the next with little rest... I have taken these classes Nd have seen up to 2 mins break in between tracks. How you burn is up to you... CHALLENGE yourself. If you're not burning more than 300 per class then up your weight. Also plz know this is an excellent course for those new to weights but it will not be a traditional strength class. Anyway, have fun and up your wright!

I used a fitbit for a while, but it's not the best at tracking calories from weight training. It uses a pedometer, and you aren't always walking while you're lifting. When I used fitbit, I would log the weight training manually.

Thank you both for your replies.  Smashly23, yes, I had considered that FitBit might not be the best tracking methong during BodyPump, but I was shocked at the low number.  Metabolicmom:  You are right about increasing my weight, and I took it a little easier today because I was just coming back after a week off.


I burn anywhere from 180-250 doing Body Pump... it's a strength-training class, so it's not going to burn as many calories as an hour cardio class. Whoever told you 500 cals for that class is a mo.

roxysparkles, I understand what you mean.  But really, the posters that hang in my gym that are from Les Mills Body Pump really do claim up to a 560 calorie burn/hour.  I'm comfortable with the lower number now that I have an idea of calories burned.  It is disconcerting that I was logging such an overestimate, but then again, that's why I bought the FitBit--for better accuracy.  Thanks for your input.

Would they add the recovery time for the muscles in that calculation?

The highest I ever burned in a body pump/group power class is 320 and that was with a particular release they had a few years ago that had a bit of agility and plyometrics in the leg/lunge track. I can imagine may be for a select deconditioned few, burning over 500 may be doable,  but overall..I think upper 2's to low 3's would be a good guesstimate if you are really challenging yourself with weight and the instructor has you moving seamlessly through the tracks with little rest time.

Original Post by nebichan:

Would they add the recovery time for the muscles in that calculation?

I wondered about that, too.  If you are familiar with FitBit you know that it resets to 0 at midnight.  The morning after my Body Pump class my FB read that I had burned 1100 calories upon waking.  Other days it has been around 500 calories.  I'm new to FitBit, of course, so I don't have many days worth of information for comparison.  Since FB is based on movement, though, that seems kind of suspect.

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