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Body Pump

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Sorry I browsed to page 20, hoping to find a Body Pump topic, but there's no way I'm going through all 256 pages.

Anyway, I credit some of my weight loss earlier this year to this class, Body Pump.  It's an hour of intense weight lifting, some abs. I do it twice a week, would do three if my weekends weren't so busy. No clue how much calories it actually burns-can't find it anywhere on the net.  Anyone else do this class?

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Yeah, I've done this class since my gym offers it.  I usually do this when my trainer or I have a schedule conflict.  You might be able to find some data on how many calories it burns at since it's a Les Mills class.
Thanks! It says you can burn UP to 600-  I've been logging it as 400 so that should be a fair estimate you think?
Yeah, 400 at least.  If you are keeping up with the cadence of the class and have close to the same amount of weight on the bar as the instructor, you can probably safely bump it up to 500+.

Oh, I LOVE BodyPump. Though I do it only once a week because of a busy schedule . It's the highlight of my Sunday (9:30 am, hehe)! It's amazing what it's doing to my upper body. I am very skinny on top, and have a heavy bottom, so loosing weight by dieting isn't going to help much. I would become a skeleton with a fat butt.Wink Thanks to BodyPump I already started growing muscle on my arms, which is great. 

I also log it as 400 kcal, but I am only 47.5 kg/162cm, I doubt I burn more than that. 

That is so cool you mentioned this!
I just started the class one day a week and tomorrow I am doing for my second time this week (which will be my new routine). Its so encouraging to know it can burn that many calories and be so effective.! It hurts enough, but i wasn't so sure it was effective because i don't feel like I am working as hard as I do on cardio.
Thank you!

gracie37, "don't feel like I am working as hard as I do on cardio."

????? How much weight to you put on a bar for each track?

I guess it also depends on what kind of cardio training you're used to...  I personally feel that BP is much more effective than anything else. If not in terms of calories burned, then in how it makes you feel every single muscle in the body. 

well i just started this, so i am not completely up to what the others are, but i am definitely working hard. I do sweat, and my heart does increase, its just not the same that I feel when i do cardio. My heart goes up to 171 max on the cardio equipment and I sweat disgustingly. 

Just got back from BP. Boy, it feels GOOD!

I have a question for those who do it regularly - have you done BodyPump two days in a row?  My club is on a special Thanksgiving schedule this weekend, and my favorite instructor is teaching tomorrow. I really wanna go, but I'm afraid I won't make it through the class. Especially since I increased the weight for the chest track today.


Oct 08 2007 13:22
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Ideally, you want to give yourself an entire day before taking another Pump class.  It's better for your muscles to give them time to rest and repair before putting them back to work.

yes it's not a good idea to do it 2x in a row. i go monday and wed for BP and cardio tues and thur then the weekend off

Yeah, I guessed that much.

So I didn't go. Woke up in the morning pretty sore in both chest and shoulder muscles. It wouldn't have done me any good if I went.

i am a pump fiend!  it's so much easier not having to think about how much time you're wasting on breaks because it's always between 8-20 seconds! 

the bicep and lunge tracks are the hardest for me.  i just can't deal with that pain yet!  i've learned to love squat pain...and it's weird, but i don't feel chest/tricep "pain"...but i definitely struggle and shake through the last set!

i wish the abs were more difficult...and my favorite move of all is the clean and press! 

I do. And I wear an HRM at the gym. The class I go to, which is similar sounding to this, burns about 200 calories, maybe 250.
Cool! I have also been searching for bodypump here! I also do it twice a week and twice step aerobics. And although step makes me sweat much more, my muscles tell me that BP has to burn atleast as much :)

My gym has 'Pump' and 'Powerflex' classes (first is dumbbells I think, second is barbells with a bit of dumbbell work). Today I did the Powerflex class, first time using a barbell lol but it was fun and I actually worked up a sweat, which I don't when I use weight machines. It really seems like this would be a good addition for me, especially with the compound movements, I believe they are more effective.

The squats and lunges were easy for me, always had strong legs so I think next time I'll have to use more weights on that one. I didn't find the back movements did much, I ended up going on back machine after class, but it did really work and tire my biceps, triceps and shoulders.

How do you guys like the current release? The biceps track (Christina) is KILLING me. These half-way pulses are sooo painful! But I LOVE the triceps track, the pull-overs are so good.

 jen_n_juice, I couldn't do lunges with a bar for the first 2-3 weeks! Now I have 3.5 kg on each side (can easily add another kg)  AND use the bench. I look back now and ask myself - how could I possibly find it so hard?? LOL. I guess it takes time to get used to it.

I am now officially a BodyPump addict. If I do it less than 2 times a week, I feel unsatisfied. 


So I had to add to this...

I just did BP for the first time ever (and my first class ever) yesterday.  I just woke up and I do believe my thighs are on FIRE.  Owwie. :(  


I'm so doing it again tomorrow!. :P 

ooooh, bad idea hokie!!

your body needs at least a day in between to rest, recuperate, and regenerate!!! 

Love body pump. I lof an hours class as 400cals.

airen - to help you next time, you can search for a post covering a certain subject by clicking on the community button and then a search option comes up, put a word in and then select posts during the last week, month etc and you should get all the listings.
I liked body pump - went for the first time just before I came home for the holidays a couple of weeks ago and it was good but I felt I could have done with half hours cardio first and more ab work. My favourite combo is 45 mins spinning then 25 mins abs and back. I think Im going to go for 30 mins on the cross trainer before body pump next time.
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