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Who knows theres? and would you share?

good link:  

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As of 2 weeks ago, I was at 16%.. I want to be in the 10-12 range..
dcgirl - if you are having difficulty adding in a day of weights, you coudl buy a small set of hand weights. use them on your lunch break or a quick hour when you get home. less hassle than going to the gym. and who knows...maybe this way you would get in more time. As for the cardio, would it be possible to walk or jog for an hour in the mornings? 
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I took the home body fat test and here are my results:

You have 31% body fat.

You have 46.8 Pounds of fat and 104.2 Pounds of lean (muscle, bone, body water).

I joined a gym 4 weeks ago and 1 week in I met with the trainer and she calculated my body fat at 38% and 93 lbs. of muscle.  She took measurements and used a scale.

I don't think the online test is completely accurate - although I may have lost 1 or 2 % of body fat since she measured me three weeks ago. 

Mine says 20%, but I have sucha hard time believing that!!  Maybe I just have all my fat in one place, LOL!
I an not so sure I trust that websites measure of body fat. It says I am 18% body fat, and I know I have to be higher than that. I could be measuring my hips wrong. Does anyone know the proper way to measure hips?
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