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black spots while exercising?

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Today, I was at the gym.  I did 30 minutes on the bike (7 miles), some weights, and then I started playing basketball.  While I was playing basketball, I started seeing black spots that kept moving and disappearing, then coming back.  This lasted about 1 minute, and I felt really dizzy and light headed.  

Does anyone know what this is, or have any advice?  Thanks so much.

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yeah, this happened to me like twice. Both times i was extremely overheated. I immediately stopped (which i hope you did) and i sat down in the shade and drank a lot of water. The second time it happened to me was also because my blood sugar was low so my tennis coach gave me some gum to chew on. the bloack spots eventually lead to a black out.

yeah, I black out a lot, and have cardiac problems.  But I had been drinking lots of water today (doctor's orders) [160 oz].  So I kind of doubt I was dehydrated...

maybe ur not eating enough

the same thing happens to me if I don't eat enough when I work out. Also if I'm really stressed or oxygen deprived (its happened a couple times when I used to smoke), I'll start getting spots and then they become tunnel vision. So if hydration isn't the problem, maybe not eating enough? Or working too hard and not getting enough oxygen? I'd ask my doctor just in case.

Once in a while I pass out (not due to lack of eating, trust me) and that's what happens before I hit the pavement. This really isn't a good sign. You are definitely not eating enough or drinking enough water. I bet you're not eating enough.

At my gym they say you should eat something carb-based and substanial 1-3 hours before you exercise or you risk your blood sugar levels getting too low and the symptoms you describe start to happen, or worse you can pass out etc. So make sure you've had some decent food that day before you exercise and keep hydrated. If it keeps happening, see your doctor.

yes, that's happened to me before right before I fainted while working out.  It was due to low blood sugar & because I hadn't eaten anything beforehand. 

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It can also depend on the type of activity you're doing - if I get this when running, I can slow to a jog and work through it. If I'm doing martial arts which involves a lot of head movement, turning motions, and also hand eye co-ordination (like basketball I imagine!), then I simply have to stop. As well as making sure you eat something carb based before exercising, drink loads of water, and stay out of the sun, try this tip.

When it happens, press quite hard with your thumb and finger into the web of muscle between your thumb and the first finger on your other hand. There is a pressure point here that really helps. If neccessary, sit or crouch down for 30 seconds and do it.

Hope it helps!

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