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Does biking give you big thighs?

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I just started biking the 26 miles roundtrip to work and I'm loving it!
But a friend of mine told me to be careful because "bicycling builds big thighs".


Since I'm working hard to lose 40 lbs, the last thing I want to do is add bulk to my already (ahem) larger leg region...


So, is this true?? What are your thoughts??

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i think that happens with bike racers (who routinely have large, powerful thighs), but general enthusiasts and commuters rarely develop big thighs from it. it does depend on things like the terrain you cover (hills would probably produce development of bulkier muscles) and your own genetics as to how you put on muscle. mostly i've found that regular cycling gives me more lean muscle and less body fat, without developing bigger thighs and calves. 

People here will tell you that you do not generate enough testosterone to bulk up your thighs :-)  K?  I routinely bike 300+ miles a month, and my wife says I have chicken legs because I run and swim too of course, but no, no big thighs, and I'm pretty sure I have normal levels of testosterone....

I have also read on here that with a calorie deficit, your muscles won't bulk up. People have mentioned that in regards to lifting heavy weights, but I'm sure it applies here too. I wouldn't worry about it as long as you're losing weight by having a calorie deficit, you should be good.

No, this is not true.  Building muscle is hard work and a bicycle is about the worst way to do it, plus building muscle requires a calorie surplus. 

But it will make your legs stronger, leaner, and imo sexier.

The reason that some proffesional bike racers have "tree trunk" thighs is that they do a lot of sprint workouts (above the anaerobic threshold). Look at the difference in the 100 yard dash people vs the marathon runners. But in bike racing you have to be able to sprint to break away from the pack, even in a long distance race.

I've done tons of 100 mile bike rides and, sadly to say, I have chicken legs like wesmckean.Undecided


I realize this is a strange picture but it is Frank Schleck, a top professional bicycle racer.  Check out his thighs.

like the last post said, u need to do heavy weight/resistance training to work/tear the muscle alongside a calorie "build big thighs"

i am a regular spinner doing it about 4 days a week and sometimes i do 2 classes a day (i luv it lol)  To be honest my thighs did get more muscley as a result but i think it was more because i increased my resistance alot and immediately after each class i would eat quite a big carb n protein meal.  However as soon as i lowered my resistance and did more fast sprints n free wheeling etc, plus either didnt eat after the class or ate something light, within a couple of weeks or so i noticed my thighs and calves to be a lot lot slimmer.

To be honest..if you enjoy cycling 26 miles id carry on doing it : ) and if you have 40lbs to lose then its a great fat burner and you will probably actually get longer leaner thighs anyway as the fat melts off and reveals toned muscle (as long as your diet is good).  Diet/food choices plays such a big part. As long as this is fine, you can enjoy cycling up big hills, putting the pressure on your legs/thighs and this will rev up your heart rate and metabolism burning even more calories.

Original Post by trhawley:

I realize this is a strange picture but it is Frank Schleck, a top professional bicycle racer.  Check out his thighs.


and might I add TR that your chicken legs are sexy Laughing

No, too much pizza and ice cream gives you big thigs Laughing

Another "bulky" thread.



Original Post by solid555:

Another "bulky" thread.


I know, right? "Will such and such make me bulky?"

Short answer... NO!!!!! Yell


Coming up with excuses for not exercising will make you bulky.

Here is the same rider, Frank Schleck, winning a race today.

Original Post by trhawley:

Here is the same rider, Frank Schleck, winning a race today.

bawkbawk BAGAWK! Wink

Biking gives you strong thighs, but the fat on top of the muscles is what makes them look bulky..

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