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Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anyone can help me with a bit of a problem. 

Last Thursday I took a fall from my bike - I basically locked my front wheel and ended up going head first over my handle bars. Because everything happened so fast I didn't let go of my bike and pulled it around on top of me. I landed on the side of my head (but had my helmet on thank god) and sustained no major injuries but I think in pulling my bike round I have 'wrenched' my left shoulder somehow. It's quite sore, it's painful to rotate my shoulder or stretch my arm backwards/behind me (for example when putting my back pack on my right shoulder or when doing mobility shoulder circles). I can't tell if it is my shoulder, my bicep, somewhere between the two, or everything down to my elbow (which is also a little sore).

Stupidly I didn't ice as I mistook the stiffness/soreness as a product of my weights session that morning, but a few days later it's still hurting.  I iced for the first time today (late I know!).

I would normally have my weights session on Tuesday morning - I'm guessing if it's sore I should avoid this? Anybody had a similar injury? What is it I've done? What should I do for recovery?

Thanks in advance for your help


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I'd suggest going to the doctor. A friend of mine pulled her shoulder playing ball with her kids and ignored it for years ... finally she ended up having to have surgery to fix the problem.

Well, there's a lot of tendons, muscles and ligiments in the shoulder area, so I can't say what happened, perhaps a shoulder cuff injury, since those muscles are pretty weak and prone to injury.

That said, you should definitely not workout until it doesn't hurt or you get a doctor's permission.

There is a good chance you do have a rotator cuff or biceps tendon strain, which may be a minor injury or you could have a tear which is not so minor.  Continue to ice for 20 minutes every couple of hours, take Ibuprofen as directed on the bottle for discomfort and inflammation.  See your doctor in the next day or two.  Wait on the strength training until cleared by your doctor.  You may need some phyical therapy, which your Dr may order or further testing.  Hope this helps.


What you describe sounds very much like what I did to my own shoulder four years ago. I first ignored it, then had to go to the doctor after 10 days because it hurt so much by then I couldn't sleep. He said it was a split tendon in the shoulder. But because I ignored it too long, it ended up being a frozen shoulder that took months (or even over a year) to get better.

Never do any exercise on an injured limb/joint/muscle. It only gets worse and takes longer to heal.

I hope it's just a pulled ligament. Good luck!

Just a fifth vote for going to the doctor. I had a small bike accident, which gave me a chip fracture in my shoulder (so small only one x-ray view picked it up), and I don't want to think what would have happened if I hadn't gone to a doctor that knew about shoulder injuries and had PT to keep it from freezing up. You don't want to mess with a shoulder injury.

That'd be a trip to the doctor then!

It's actually not painful as such, more 'uncomfortable' to do certain movements. I'm off down to my kickboxing gym today and I'll ask them to recommend a physio. I am 99.9% sure it won't be a fracture or chip or anything as there was no impact to my shoulder, it was definitely 'a wrench' if anything. But i will find a good physical therapist and go have it checked out properely.

I'll stay away from the weights until I have spoken to a physio. Although I am sure I should be fine for a lot of stuff, I just have to stay away from chest presses and anything that requires rotation of the shoulder. A good excuse to get out of push ups!!

Looks like I'll be training south -paw for a while : )

Ho hum

Thanks guys!

Not that you need another vote for the doctor, but you've got mine as well.

I've had a few bike crashes (always with cars unfortunately) -- every time I went to the doc, and every time it was a contusion. Thank god it wasn't anything worse than that.

If that's what you have, hot epsom salt baths did wonders for me. Ibuprofen helps ease the pain as well, but it wreaks havoc on my intenstines hence the salt baths. I also used some Tiger Balm on one of them and seem to recall some good effects from that as well.

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