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Any ladies with athletic bodies out there?  I am wondering... I played soccer almost all my life, now I run 5Ks, but I can't stand my calves.  I feel like I have too much muscle and they look big.  Anyone else feel that way or am I just being unrealistically self-conscious?
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I totally have that problem and it's a little annoying. I've never been terribly athletic or anything but my calves have always been pretty muscular. I'm just learning to appreciate the beauty of a rather sculpted leg now though. Kind of annoyign when I want to wear a skirt though...
Oh I am soooo with you on that one!!!  Skirts make me feel calf-conscious!  I tried to look online for help but there isn't any real advice for muscular calves... since it is not considered a 'problem area' for most women, they don't really suggest anything for it.
I used to have nice skinny legs - now I have large calves and thighs.  I heard you shouldn't do excercise for the calf muscles unless you want to build them up - I dont know if that is true but I stay away from calf stretches if I can better not risk it.  I wish I could wear boots again.  Mu shoe size has gone down since losing weight, but I can't wear boots due to fat calves. 
Same. I'm not really sure what to do, as my calves literally have no extra skin or fat on them and are pretty much all muscle, especially due to sprinting. I always feel really self conscious of my legs anyway, so I'll lurk here to see some suggestions. : P
I know where you are coming from too. I used to be a small slender girl but i turned into a athletic muscular person. I never can tone down no matter what i do. I always build.

I guess its just a matter of coming to grips with the body type that you have. I'd say learn to love the kind of body you have but make it the best it can be.

for example. I will always have muscular thighs and they will never be stick skinny now what i did. But i have promised myself to make my muscular legs look the best they can and not try to change what i am.
My calves respond really quickly to working out, and I've received a lot of comments from people recently about how, uh...., defined they've become.  I love 'em.  They are a tangible result of my hard work, and show me that I'm not just getting leaner, but stronger too. 

Skinny legs are uninteresting.  Weak isn't sexy.

Don't call your calves big.  Call them strong and shapely, and buy a hot pair of high heels to show them off.
I have very muscular legs. I used to be self-contious of them and looked and all the little twig legs around me but I really like my muscular legs... they don't jiggle when I walk and I just feel stronger haha! plus i've been told by a lot of people I have really nice legs. Embrace the muscular legs!! 
You are all right.

I guess I was looking for someone to tell me a secret way of getting rid of the bulk.  ***blah, silly moment!***  But you are right.  I should embrace the muscle and work to tone it if I want to make the best of it.
I LOVE women with muscular legs!!! Nothing more sexy than a woman with muscular calves/legs! :) You women with those gorgeous legs should be proud. I could understand being unhappy with simply fat calves/legs, or legs built like a chicken's, but I am sure you ladies are second to none in heels and a skirt. Feel free to email me or send pictures to  unless receiving compliments offends you. ;) Take care ladies, and be proud :)
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I too have big calves & have all my life. I used to HATE my legs because I was always told that I had big, pretty legs. Of course I never heard the pretty part because my feelings were hurt at the big part. Anywho, it wasn't until I was 26 that I realized how beautiful my legs really are. Big legs can be an inconvience at times but overall they are a blessing.
It's a genetic thing, if your calves naturally grow from anything you do it is really hard to make them smaller. You could try to overtrain them work them everyday with weights. in theory when you overtrain your muscles they will shrink which does happen if you can overtrain them.

the prob. with calves they are made for endurance and are tough muscles to overtrain. try working the crap out of then for about two weeks and see if that helps, and do plenty of cadio with no incline. maybe that will help.
I am a college student, and believe me, I dealt with the self-esteem issues that came along with being muscular around all my skinny-legged peers! much as it bothered me to be more muscular than other girls, I received one of the nicest compliments ever because of it. I was walking to class with some of my girlfriends, and one walking behind me said, "Your legs do not shake at all when you walk! I wish mine didn't!" Mesamorphs (naturally muscular body types) will stay muscular long after other body types without much work, and that means we will always be toned without the effort. People kill for toned legs, and there is something very sexy about being athletic.
Totally understand what you are saying.  I always have a big calves and arms too.  Even when I was only 99 lbs (i am 5'3"), my legs and arms are not slim.  Always bothers me but no solutions.....Since I have gained so much weight, I never wear skirt again. 

I think bodyscience is right.  For me, it is a genetic thing and obviously I got it from my mum. I long to have those skinny legs and arms !
I am also a member of the muscular leg club :) I had a hard time dealing with them (especially in high school). I was blessed with these legs from an early age, and i was a sprinter in high school which trained them to be even stronger then they are naturally. It was really hard looking around at all the other 16 and 17 year olds with chicken legs, and me with my "man legs"...but now i realize that they actually look really good in a skirt, and they always look tone and not fat...that was hard to overcome mentally...that they were strong and not FAT. I may never be able to wear knee high boots comfortably, but i get tons of compliments on my legs, especially from guys ;)
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Yes! I have FINALLY found a place where all of the other girls' legs aren't like twigs... I take ballet and jazz classes, I've started to play soccer again (I quit in 2nd or 3rd grade) and I played on the school volley ball team, as well as basket ball and just many other sports in general... Genetically, I wil always have my muscular calves.. But it can be a real blow to your self-estemm when those knee-high boots don't fit (I had to give up the most gorgeous ones I have ever seen... I was on the verge of tears, we had been shopping all day. And I had found nothing that fit my shapely legs) I'm about 5 ft 3 1/2, 5 ft. 4' and I weigh about 145 pounds due to what I think is the winter months inside with the oeros. I have gained like ten pounds, although people insist i've lost weight.. Must be my legs then!Tongue out) But my friends all say I have the strongest legs... haha the only part of them that isn't all muscle are the inside parts of my thighs. I still haven't figure how to tone that area. But oh well. Glad I could share. And yes, guys do like girls with muscle-y legs.  the guys at my school don't seem to mind my toned gams in gym class...Wink
OMG! I thought that i was the only one with the hugest calves in the world! I am a very athletic person. I play volleyball, tactical strength and conditioning and i just finished the paddling season. I played soccer when  was younger also so my legs were pretty skinny when i was like 7 then i started to play volleyball that was when my muscles started forming and becoming solid. Now it is humongous! It sucks but i just have to deal every time I tippy toe my calves like pop out! Its kinda gross and people stare at it but i just choose to not care about what they think of me! So yeah! hope this helps!
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wow same with me! It all started in gr.3, big feet, and big legs. Are you sure guys like girls with big legs? My calves are pretty hard, and big full of muscle, and my sister said my legs look fat, like some over weight person (they have gotten bigger, i play sports and run, recently i was on the soccer team, and played 50min games all day) and a boy at school (when i wore a skort for the first time in a long time) said ""you have big legs" and kept staring at them. im in 7th grade by the way. Its kind of a downer for me, my friends are atheltic, yet they have slim atheletic bodies, and im apparently short with a stocky frame. After reading these comments, i was kinda happy. But then again, im reminded by those annoying hurtful comments. My mom even told me ot stop playing sports, and i did for a year, no change what so ever. I guess its genetics. My mom says im like her mother, big feet, muscle, and short. im 5'3ft. And i know what you gals mean by knee boots, my sister had these gorgeous pair, and when i tried to zip them up, i almost ripped those babies :( but i guess im still growing, and maybe if i get taller, my muscles will spread more out on my legs evenly. hah yeah right. oh well, im getting used ot them and yet hating them. i bought well my parents bought me a dress for my sisters grad, and i thought i looked pretty good, when i tried it on. after my soccer tournament, a few days later i try the dress on, the first thing i see are my calves. argh. sooo, yeah.

Yup, big calves.  Ballet, dance, horseback riding, softball and volleyball up until I was about 15 = big calves.  Or maybe they are just genetic.  Either way, I don't think they're going to go away.  I've never been able to wear cute boots, but I'm still hopeful. 

Ballet did it for me.  50 extra pounds didn't help either.  But I have a solution!! .html

They have wide calf boots.  The prices aren't anything to write home about, but the have free overnight delivery and free returns if it doesn't fit.  I can finally wear high boots again!

I'm another muscular legged chick.  But I like them that way, because everyone who sees them knows instantly that I work out lots. 
Also, big calves make your thighs look smaller in comparison.  Handy for miniskirts!

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