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best way to use elliptical

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I just got an elliptical machine and I was wondering what the best way to utilize it?Warm up...resistance.....length of time. Right now I do like 3 min of warm up and then I turn up the resistance for about 15 min and then back down for 5 min. It really kicks my butt!!! My goal is to work up to 30min within the next two weeks.
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I would like to know this information too xrszgrl. I have an elliptical machine, but I never know how long to go...or how to warm up, or what.
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I do not own one, but I use one at the gym.

I have been told that you definitely need to be using the kind where the ramp actually moves position, not just adding resistence.

Also, I have heard the ones with arms are pretty much useless. This is from trainers at my gym.
The elliptical is my absolute favorite cardio machine. When I use it, I use the "weight loss interval" training. Basically it's 2 minute intervals that goes like this:

2 Minutes: Resistance 2 or 3 with low ramp
2 Minutes: Resistance 8 or 9 with high ramp
2 Minutes: Resistance 2 or 3 with low ramp
2 Minutes: Resistance 8 or 9 with high ramp

Repeat untill your workout is complete. Of course you'll want to take at least 2 or 3 minutes to warm up and cool down before and after your workout. And don't forget to stretch!

Love and Alohas
thanks mztenderheart02! I have heard that the interval training is the way to go. It seems like I'd be able to go for a longer time doing that. I'll give it a try tonight and see if I like it.
 Is this like a stair stepping machine? o_o Just curious. I've read so many post that people rave about this elliptical machine. Where did you buy one? I'd like to look into it too.
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I recently read that too much 'bounce' when doing the elliptical is considered bad form.  I'm not sure what that means, because when I'm on it, there is a good bit of bounce in my step.  I am kind of jogging, except the pavement underneath my feet moves to accomodate my step.  So, looking in the mirror, I'm kind of bouncing with each forward move.  Anyone know what is considered bad elliptical form?
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