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Best exercise for big thighs?

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I've got big thighs. :( what is the best exercise to burn fat in my thighs? even for the hips and tummy.
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Squats and lunges!!  I have/had the same problem and I have lost a bunch of inches doing these!
Running, cycling, pilates and yoga are all great for getting a leaner and more toned leg.

Thanks :)

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For me, running has been hands down the best.  Brisk walking has been surprisingly helpful too.  I build a lot of muscle, so cycling actually makes my thighs look bigger (although I like it too much to quit!)
cardio in generall will burn fat, while the squats, lunges, etc. will build muscle. You want to have a combination of the two so you can lose inches, but still have a toned look. no one wants smaller, but still flabby legs!!!
I walk for exercise 4 to 5 days a week. What is cardio? every1 says cardio cardio cardio but i'm not sure what is it exactly?
cardio is short for cardiovascular meaning heart. The main focus for any cardio workout is to get your heart rate up, cardio excercises include running, biking, swimming, dancing, etc and they burn a lot of calories
So for the first few  min before my heart rate goes up i'm not burning fat?
janag: any activity you do burns energy.  That energy is measured in calories. We ingest energy from the food we eat and we store it in various ways in our body.  Our body stores surplus energy long term as fat.  Whether you are burning fat or not at any given moment is less important in the long run than whether you are burning more energy than you are eating.  If you continually burn more energy than you eat, your body will turn to your fat stores for energy either during an activity or after the activity as needed to replenish energy stores for short term needs.  As a precaution, there is a point where your body will effectively shut down if you are not eating enough and will no longer burn fat.  That point is estimated at 1200 cals daily for adult women and 1500 cals for adult men.  (Teens caloric needs are higher.)  By walking and raising your heart rate (i.e. cardio) your are increasing the number of calories that your are burning for the day.  Unfortunately we cannot "target reduce" fat.  In other words, you can't pick an exercise that will burn more fat from your legs or tummy.  But walking and other types of exercise, especially resistance training, (as mentioned above) can improve the tone and size of targeted muscle.  This is just my opinion and I hope it is helpful.
doing thigh exercises will tone your thighs, obviousely.  but doing them too often will make your legs look bulky.  doing cardio will help overall fat burning.  if your are a pear shape and fat naturally goes to your thighs first, it will come off there first, too.
Cecmar, that is false information.  Working those muscles with weights will help burn the fat inside the muscle and there fore leaning them out.  I squat heavy weights 3 times a week and my legs are looking better all the time!!!!!!
I agree with agana. I tend to overtrain my lower body now (problem area). They've never looked better! I have been exercising for about 6 years, and never saw the definition in my legs until I began overtraining them. But I am still faithful at my cardio as well.

Squats and lunges are awesome! But don't forget deadlifts :)
My thighs used to be really big, flabby, and cellulite all over! (im only 17 DD:) Then I started to run on the elliptical, from light to now vigorous. So far its been almost five months and counting, five times a week, starting at 20mins now 55mins (30/25). Now my thighs are nice and toned and no more cellulite! I highly suggest it because 50% of my love handles (on the hips) are gone and my tummy is slowly going. Plus, it also tones the buttox :) Also do leg curls--those machines you sit on and lift weights with your legs, they help keep them tone.

Goodluck! :D
Building muscle varies between people because I did the leg press machine to train for mountain biking and my legs got very muscular.  My mother even said they looked gross.  The weightlifting solution isn't for everyone.
I've lost an inch and a half off my inner thighs doing a ballet move called plie' (sp?)  

Anhow, I'll try and explain the move.  Becareful, it has a way of sneaking up on you.

Stand with your feet hip width apart.  Point your feet outward.  Squat down.  You can check whether or not you are doing it right by placing your hand on your inner thigh.  You should feel the muscle contracting.  If you don't, readjust until you do.  You might feel this in your glutes as well.  It's all good!  =)

Once this move becomes easy, place your feet wider apart, grab some weight and pulse while squatting.  Once this becomes attainable, try the squats while on your tip toes with weights.

 You can also alternate between the squats.  Example, squat down and when you come up lift your heel.  On your way back down, drop your heel and come back up lifting the heel on the opposite foot.

Can you feel it?   =)
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