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Bench Press - Sore Shoulder

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Lately I've been getting an achy shoulder when bench pressing.  I'm not pushing myself any harder than usual, but I've never had this happen before.  Somebody at the gym mentioned centering the bar lower on my chest.  I guess this is helping a bit.  Any other ideas?
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Use your favorite web search engine and enter this:

bench press rotator cuff

Take it seriously, as rotator cuff injuries usually get worse over time, and you can end up being unable to lift your arm over your head (no, you're not in immediate danger of that ;-)).

Besides exercises to strengthen these little muscles specifically, there are also ways to change how you bench that put less strain on related connective tissue, such as here: m?select=26


This happened to me in 2000 --- and I ended up with surgery for a torn rotator cuff.  Not trying to panic you here -- but just want to give you a head's up that pushing or training through the pain could actually make a tear worse if you have one.  I was in the midst of training for a bench pressing competition for women (a charity thing my sister in law talked me into), and was benching a lot of weight for my small frame (I am about 5'4, but I am small through the upper body).  I was up to about 70 lbs when the pain started and I kept pushing -- big mistake.  A couple of months after the event, I could barely lift my arm out to the side, and forget doing any kind of shoulder work -- it went from a dull ache to a loud roar.  By the time I finally gave in and went to see an orthoopedic doc (sports medicine), I had a pretty good tear in the rotator cuff.  I tried to rehab it without surgery, but ended up having the surgery.  It took a long time to recover, and was a very painful procedure, but I'm glad I did it -- I have full use of my arm and shoulder.  Hopefully, this is not what you are experiencing -- just something to keep in mind.
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