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Beginner's guide to running?

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Hi all,

I know I've said that I dislike runners because they like to run into me etc etc, but I may have to eat my words.  I kind of want to take up jogging.  It looks like a good way to get fit and healthy while losing those pounds.

But at a DD cup, I've never been runner material.  I always end up with a nasty stitch, even at a slow pace.  I'm not very graceful- I dread to think what I look like! But now, I feel lighter and fitter and want to give it a shot.

Can anyone give me a guide to do this?  I would like nothing better than just being able to go for a jog at the end of a long day, see the sights of the town I live in and just feel entirely relaxed.  Without, of course, the overwhelming desire to collapse on the pavement I'd been pounding desperately trying to recover from the ache in my side.  

I walk a lot, and want to up my pace.  I would like to jog at a comfortable pace and build up my pace and how far I can go.


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I am by no means an expert at running/jogging and have only recently taken it up. I used to despise it and never felt I was any good at it until I got this piece of advice that made me love it and find it very doable. Start slow. Don't try to go too fast at first. Go for distance not speed. I have noticed that the speed comes in time as you become more conditioned. The many Couch to 5K programs are great. As a busty lady myself, I wear two sports bras at a time and it does the trick. Good luck!

Thanks for replying!  


I've read somewhere that I should walk fast first for a couple of minutes and then break into a slow jog and keep alternating until you find it easier.  

Can you recommend any good shoes?


thanks! :) 

Yes what you describe sounds like many of the C25K programs out there. Do a google search and check them out. As far as shoes go I stopped buying running shoes for how they look and started buying them for how they fit. Go to a running shoe website and see if you can determine what kind of foot you have. Better yet go to a running store and get fitted. Good shoes make all the difference. I love ASICS.

I am DD as well and I've found that I need to wear two bra's when I run.

I started the C25K and really enjoy it. I'm halfway through week three. I downloaded a podcast which tells you when to run or walk. Super easy if you have an ipod- I take my dog and hate having to carry a stop watch, doggie bag, leash, etc. so the podcast really helps.

Thanks to both of you, I will be sure to take your advice!  I'm off to a shopping outlet at the weekend so am hoping that I can pick up some running shoes cheaper than the usual retail price!  I've heard that ASICS is really good too.  Will check them out, thanks! 

I'm new to jogging myself - I cringed at the price of shoes! I got a nice stability shoe from Saucony for $50 from Dick's a few weeks back and I love them! They are a little bit pink and kind of cute, and I managed to shave off a whole minute from my mile time with them so far. I have wide feet, so I was skeptical about being able to buy a pair in store without special ordering for width but Saucony in general makes wider shoes. If you have narrow feet, I've heard Nike and New Balance shoes run on the narrow side - so I avoid those at all costs :)

Great, thanks for your advice! I will follow it!

I also forgot to mention that I dislocated my knee back in November and have only just gotten over that... I do experience a small amount of pain in it occassionally if I've over used it too much.  Will this hinder my running? 

I'm also hypermobile which means my joints are shallow and can dislocate if over stretched.  What precautions should I take?


Re: Sports bras

I wanted to add that I, too, am a DD (though hoping to get it down to a D with the loss of 15 pounds or so--you have no idea how hard it can be to find a good 32DD bra!), and thought I would always and forever have to wear 2 bras to run.  But, I have found that I LOVE Moving Comfort's Maia sports bra; very supportive and not much jiggling at all.  Check it out:,default,pd.html

Not a bad price tag, either--you can get them for $30ish on Amazon.

Couch to 5K is great!!  I am on week two and am loving it so far.  There is a great app out there thats like $2 but I am sure you can find a free one.  I like this one because it has coaches and plays your playlist also and tracks your speed and everything.  Just dont forget to always stretch!!!  good luck

I am not at all an expert runner but have found joy in running in the past year. I didnt realize how much easier it was for me to run on a bike path through the woods. I think the softer ground, not having to worry about pedestrians or traffic and not having the option of taking a short cut off my originally planned route is what has made my running experience more successful and enjoyable.

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Today marks the start of my 3rd week of jogging.  I love it!!!  I have increased my distance from 1.9 to 2.5 miles and taking walking breaks to now jogging the whole time in the past 2 weeks.  I started with a good cardio base and I alternate jogging days with strenght days.

I recommend you do dynamic stretching before your jog.  I had only done regular warm up with stretching for the first week and the dynamic stretching has helped my aches and pains - esp in the knees.  I also have 2 ruptured disks and am a good 18lbs overweight.


Good luck I think you will find you really like it!

If you can try interval training. What I do is warm up by briskly walking for 5min then run a min and walk a min for 30 min. Trust me you'll work up a good sweat. And when you get bored of that increase your ratio to run 2 minand walk 1 min.

Ah thank you for your advice!  I'm a little glad that someone else knows what I'm talking about.  


Your knees sound so painful!  I dislocated my left knee just by walking! 


What's trail running?  I'm not really savvy on the lingo just yet :) 

I am doing this way and it is working for me.Try something like this:

week 1: (walk 2 min + jog 3 min) x 6 = 30 min

week 2: (walk 2 min + jog 4 min) x 6 = 36 min

week 3: (walk 2 min + jog 5 min) x 6 = 42 min......

week ?: (walk 2 min + jog ? min) x ? = ?? min

After a while you will notice that you can jog more without walking and then you can do this sequence but joging + running!


Ah thanks Joaodamatta, this helps a lot, as I was walking, breaking into a jog until I got tired and then walking and just jogging sporadically.  

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