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Where to get a Bathing Suit in Winter?

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Hey everyone! I've recently gotten the idea to start swimming at the Y.  However, I know it's almost winter and many stores aren't carrying swimwear.  I've checked out specialty stores but found the prices to be a bit out of my range.  

Does anyone know a place to get a one piece basic suit for under $30?  I'm in South Carolina, if that helps at all.

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I get mine from online catalogues.  They're available there all year round.

I saw some in Target (in North Carolina) over the weekend.

Hi. My daughter is on a swim team and they go all year round. I've found great deals on You can get suits with T-back/racerback (which is what you'll need if you're going to be swimming as a workout) from $20.

I've also gotten prescription goggles there for $10. And they work just fine, like those $200 ones do from the optician!

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I swim year round and I buy my stuff on Swim2000.  They have a lot of stuff, you can get the "grab bags" for really cheap.  I buy mostly the higher end competion suits since I swim a lot, those are usually around 50.00

Good luck!

Quote  |  Reply has a "grab bag" where you pick your style and size, but they pick the color. They're usually last years' patterns/colors, but the prices are right on:  $20-$30. its_s/488.htm

If you've never shopped for speedo/TYR-type suits before, you might want to go to a Sports Authority or similar place and try them on. I find the sizes to be non-intuitive, and not particularly well correlated to pant sizes. You want one that's fairly snug, and yes - they're not particularly flattering. On anyone.

Ebay,  online catalogs.  I shop for swimsuits all year long - for cruise in spring.

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