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Back pain from Spinning?

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Hey there, fitness gurus. I went to a Spinning class for the first time last night. No surprise that my legs hurt afterwards, but for some reason my back hurt too - it felt like muscle spasms. I have had chronic upper back and neck pain for years, but the class made it much worse. Could this be from poor form or an improperly adjusted bike?

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It could have been.  However, I would suggest before taking another class, you may want to consult with your physician, since you've had chronic pain in the past.  If he clears you, make sure you get the instructor to help you set your bike up properly before you ride!  There's a seat adjustment that slides it back and forth, that might not have been set correctly for you.   Enjoy. 

 The bikes tend to lead to a crappy posture with excessively flexed spine if you're not careful about it, and towards the end of the class even if you are careful at the start it's easy to start drooping with exhaustion, flexing your spine in a dreadfully detrimental manner.

 The elliptical doesn't lend itself to excessive forward lean or spinal flexion in the same way - it may be that with your previous history the spin bike just isn't for you.

It very well could be an improperly adjusted bike or your form but most likely your back is sore from doing an activity that you are not accustom to doing.

When I started spinning my lower back would be sore the next day and it was just from exactly what the previous poster said, I wasn't used to being on a bike. It stopped getting sore after a while.

Thanks for all your replies! It is definitely not muscle soreness, but was actual muscle spasms, and only in the upper back. I've been cleared for physical activity, since there is nothing structurally wrong with my back. It just hurts, and the muscles are always tight. Yup.

Unfortunately, I think the crappy posture explanation probably makes the most sense for me. I'll ask the instructor for help with form and adjustment, but if that doesn't work, it's back to the treadmill (or elliptical).

When I went to spinning class (and had the good instructor) she'd often have to remind us "no earrings" meaning that we were shrugging our shoulders up to our ears. All part of keeping posture, but a good thing to remember to keep your shoulders from creeping up.

Make sure you keep your back straight and shoulders down and relaxed while spinning. My shoulders tend to creep up throughout the class so I'm conscious of it.

Don't lean on the handlebars and concentrate on keeping your core engaged.  And also make sure you are not hanging your head.  Not only will this cut off your breath but it will make your upper back and neck really sore.  Good Luck

I go to spin class about 3 times a week.  I had the same problem at the beginning... I felt like someone was squeezing my shoulders and I couldnt relax, even when I went to sleep.   I decided to go to the chiropractor and he took xrays of my spine.  One of my discs was wearing away in my neck area.  I go to the chiropractor 3 times a week now to get adjusted.  He said it will take a few weeks for the alignment to completely make the pain go away but I felt great after the first couple times.  But I do agree that relaxed shoulders during the class is key.  My instructor reminds us a million times through class to stay relaxed and let your legs and core do the work!

Thank you all...I went to my second Spin class today. I did some stretching beforehand, and was very careful to keep my neck and shoulders straight and relaxed. Result: no pain!

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