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So, after piling on a few stone (I was pretty anorexic for over a year) I'm now just about at my target weight, and have the all go to start training for a marathon, cycle and horse ride again..

BUT - I always feel like a right plonker doing home work outs and I can't really afford the gym, plus, I'd much rather buy a Wii and dance like a plonker that way..

back on topic..

say I were to run 3 times a week, and carry on with my daily cycles, as well as 2 hour swims a week, 1hour horse riding.. would I see results in toning up my stomach? Thats pretty much where my bulk is, I feel like I have a spare tyre for my bike with my at all times, apart from that, I am still only a 32"bust, 26"waist and small around the hips (too scared to measure that area) I used to have a fla stomach before ana, and was pretty fit.

If it would work, does anyone have any idea how long it would be to see results? 'm not wanting a 6pack, as I like the idea of a bit of curve, but i plan on surprising my boyfriend with a belated birday gift somewhere hot, and feeling like I have a kids swimming ring around me wouldn't be too good...

also, sorry for the bad jokes and the length!

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Congrats on getting healthy. Also, what on earth is a plonker?

You're going to have to work on doing some all over strength exercises. I see a lot of cardio there but no resistance. You really need to build up some of the muscle you lost during all that weight loss. I know riding is VERY taxing and probably does work your midsection a lot, though. Sorry to keep whoring out the same site over and over, but THESE LADIES have ideas on things you can do at home.

Good luck!

sorry, I really should stop using scottish lingo.. plonker is 'silly' in less than a polite way :)

Well, you will see results from being active and controlling your calories - that's a given. Whether it's the results you want in a time frame you can live with, that's perhaps another matter.

 You've got the cardio modes of training pretty much covered in there, but where's your strength training? Only doing cardio will absolutely give you results, don't get me wrong here, but adding in proper strength training as well will vastly improve your results in a way that you'd be very hard-pressed to match with cardio.

 You'd want to check out sports-specific training for your chosen activities of course - presumably you'd want to do only the bare minimum of upper body training as a runner and biker, and all the leg training your body can handle; as more leg muscle and power will help you win races, while upper body muscle mass doesn't contribute much to either running or biking power. Well, having strong arms and a good back would presumably help you control the horse in case of trouble, so maybe your minimum is slightly higher than a pure marathoners regime.
Original Post by cianderson08:

sorry, I really should stop using scottish lingo.. plonker is 'silly' in less than a polite way :)

My husband is Australian; I should be used to translating non-American lingo by now

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