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Why aren't my hips or legs losing inches?

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Hello all,

I've been working out (more than my usual walking) for the past couple of weeks and I have lost a few inches in my waist and chest area, but for some reason none on my legs or hips.

I have been doing 30-60 minutes on the eliptical machine at 4-8 resistance and slowly stepping up the incline every few minutes. I also walk about 2-3 miles a day due to me not having a car. I just started jump roping as well for 5-10 minutes. This is 5-6 days a week.

For strength training I have been working mostly my arms, tummy and upper and lower back.  This is 3 days a week for 30 minutes or so.

Then after each workout I stretch for 10-15 minutes.

Is there something I'm doing wrong. I need to lose 2 inches off my hips for my modeling contract- and to get into better shape in general.

And exercises I should be doing instead, or altering the ones I'm doing now?

Thank you all for yoyr help.
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You are doing too much cardio.   You should do that every other day at most so your legs have time to recover.

Also the legs store up a lot of water the more you exercise them.  If you want to see a good drop in weight and more leg toning and so on get off the eliptical and start running.   Then a week before you need to measure or weigh in... don't exercise them at all (basic walking is fine but no running or hardcore cardio) and you'll drop a lot of weight in your legs from all the water stored up and loose a couple inches.

I don't know your stats though... you may be plenty thin enough as it is.   In any case running would help you a lot more than the eliptical.

IMO the eliptical is for the elderly and extremely overweight people who can't take the impact of more serious cardio.
Hi Nightc1---

I used to run a lot when I was younger, then I hit 18 (I'm now 22 in 4 days) my knees started to hurt from it. Is there anything I can do to alter my form that might make running easier... because I'd LOVE to feel like I could run again.

Would swimming be a good exercise? I used to be on swim team, but I'm not sure if that would help.

And good info to know about the water weight. I'll keep that in mind.
It may just be your body type.  What are your measurements now?  Maybe you are shooting for something that is simply unattainable.
Oh, as for my stats...

5' 7 3/4" (commercial/nude figure model)


35'' bust
26 1/2 '' waist
37" hips
21'' legs.

I know it seems small, but I have a tiny frame, so I look bigger than most models in the industry, commercial, and nude.

On another note, I'm watching what I eat, but counting calories started an obsessive behavior when I was younger, so  I estimate at times, but I try not to be too stringent with it... it would lead to something I prefer not to revisit. I think I eat about 1600-1750 a day.

I know I can get there, due to what I used to look like. I just don't want to take it too far. I'd much rather not lose too much more weight and tone up on muscle and build new muscle as well. I don't want to be twiggy--- where I live a twiggy commercial model wouldn't look good for sports companies.
The problem with most people returning to running after several years off is PACING.  If you run every day you will injur yourself.  IF you don't take a day off between running then you will overtrain/injur yourself.  If you try to run too fast or  too much too soon you will  again face potential injury.

In the Learn To Run thread here it may seem dorky but you can split up walking and running to help with getting back into running without fear of getting injured.

Additionally nutrition is important.  Banana's and Milk are hugely imporant.   Expecially at the beginning when you are training those shin muscles that are barely used in any other form of exercise.

Shoes are the only financial hurdle to running.   I paid $25 for my Reeboks at a Sam's Club.   You need some shoes that fit your type of foot well.

As for form... I'm a runner but I don't get 1/2 of what other people advice for form.   If you push off with the front part of your foot and land on the center part then that seems to work pretty good.   A better tip someone said a while back to me was about wearing glasses... that when you wear them you naturally will want to hold your head straight.  This is important in form, so I always wear my sunglasses when out for a run.   I also wear a sweatband because sweat in my eyes can cause me to stop running out of frustration.  It's super dorky probably but I'm not out to impress anyone but just get a good run and make more progress.

You are already pretty dang thin.  At your age too your body is filling out into full womanhood so there may be little you can do to change what has happened.   Still, I highly recommend getting into running.   There's a great group of people here on the Learn to Run thread... many that have finished the program like I have... many that are just starting it.
I think your hips aren't getting smaller because you are just fighting nature. When you were younger you had a little girl's body -- now you have a woman's body and it wants to stay that way. 
why aren't you working your legs with weights? it will help you to slim down and keep your legs tight. work your legs 2 times a week on those days just do 3 minutes of cardio, you should be doing squats, leg extension, leg curls and lunges.

You just gave me hope that I can run again :). I have missed it a lot.


I noticed I was curvier about 1 1/2 years ago. Which was wonderful!!! I hated being straight. But I do think it possible for me to lose about 2 inches, but I suppose I could be wrong. I'll give it a go still for a month or so and see if anything budges. If not then I'll have picked up the good habit of exercise.

I find it weird that my waist has lost about 3 inches for a few months ago, my chest about 2 inches (which sucks!) and my hips only 1 inch since about March or so.

I used to weight 136 at my biggest, but that was when I had a problem with food. I struggled with eating disorders for 3-4 years before finally kicking them. So this is why I've been losing weight so slowly (over a year a a half to get where I am now) and trying to be aware of what I'm doing. I don't want to fall into that whole mess again.
Question for Nightc1-

What can I drink/take besides milk. I have a digestive disease and milk is really bad for me--- or anything with casien in it.

I also can't eat any Gluten, soy, corn, eggs, bison family meats, lamb, pig, and must be careful with peanuts and almonds (so I can eat them about once a week)--- those foods go for anthing made from those too- even minasqule amounts!

You could always take a calcium supliment.  Basicly the threat in running or bicycling is that your bones can become weaker without proper nutrition.   Calcium in pill form is not as easily absorbed as the calcium in milk... however it's better than nothing.

I eat cereal in the morning with milk and have a slice of cheese with my lunch.   It's not a ton of calcium but enough to help out.

I eat banana's when I buy em... usually once a week until they run out.   Sometimes my kids get em and I only have em for a couple days... but I often will buy some and keep them at work.   Potassium & B vitamins  (from bananas) are very good for you... and the Manganese  in banana's helps process the  calcium for building stronger bon es as well as iron... which goes into healthy cells.

I personally take a few vitamins... but you could get by with a good multivitamin and a calcium supliment.
Hip, butt and thighs are my favorite peeves. And I am still working on it. Slow but I see it progressing. I used to H A T E squats and lunges. Now I can't get enough of them (provided my knees can handle them).

I used to think those will make my legs thicker, but then again, after the fat starts burning away, I see sexier legs :o (sure there are still those fat, but hey, progress is progress :p )
I have to say you are wrong about an elptical being worse than normal running.  If anything running is half of that of an elptical.  i think id have to run something liek 15-17 miles an hour to burn the ammount of calories i can burn in 45 mins on an elptical lol.
i HAVE THE EXACT SAME MEASURMENTS AS YOU and i'm a model too!! Have you figured out how to lose it yet?!

I would suggest to start finning....swimming laps with fins on.  I am not a very good swimmer and finning is a terrific way to tone up.  I also use a kickboard to fin and stretch my body out.  It feels wonderful!  Good Luck!

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