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I have been getting arch cramps for years and have no idea why or how to prevent them.  They start cramping up on any kind of squat, lunge, leg press, etc.  Sometimes I get them just from running.  Anyone else have this problem? Know how to treat it? 

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A few things that are supposed to help - more water, more potassium (bananas), more magnesium.

I take a chelated calcium-magnesium pill that seems to help a lot.

is it possibly an arch support issue?  My arches acted up quite a bit before I started wearing insoles, especially while running.

Hi im bumping this cause I just started a body pump class at my gym and when I do squats and lunges my arches really cramp up. When I go to yoga it happens in certain poses. Ive tried the banana thing b4 and more water it doesnt seem to help. I think im going to try the calcium magnesium pill.

I was told to get chelated magnesium, gem - something about better absorption. For some reason, it was cheaper than non-chelated, so I was happy.

I recently discovered that my arch cramps are actually related to my shins. I now foam roll my shins and there are a couple of spots on my shins that when I foam roll them, my arches will cramp for the period of the rolling. It's a direct correlation in my case. I'd suggest giving it a shot, if you're like me, you'll find the connection pretty quickly.

This is a very recent discovery for me. I've been foam rolling my shins for about a week, and I'm getting a bit less cramping now. I think with time and diligent rolling, in my case the cramping will be alleviated.

ok I will look into that. I can find that in the normal vitamin area right?

whats a foam roller? lol

I get mine at a health food store, but I'd guess they'd be at grocery stores.

Foam roller - no clue why it's under pilates.

ahhh ok if the pills dont work I will look into this

I will have to try the foam roller.  Rolling your shins sounds a little awkward to do! 

I have the expensive $40+ arch supports in my shoes but I feel like they dont help at all.  Hopefully the foam roller and supplements will help.  I hate feeling like I am cheating at my workout because I have to stop due to cramping. 

It is a little awkward, but I've just added it in to my usual regimen of rolling my calves, IT band, inner thighs, and glutes. The rolling is a great thing to help minimize post-workout soreness for other reasons, too.

And I totally know what you mean about feeling like cheating. I do a lot of work on the bosu ball and I end up pushing through the cramps because I don't want to slack off, even though I know it's legitimate pain.

Not sure if this is the same thing, but it may be plantar facitis (sp?).  For me, the pain was worse first thing when I got out of bed - or when I did my walking.  Orthotics didn't work - because it turned out I was standing wrong.  So, I make sure I stretch my calves before getting out of bed in the morning, and I make sure I stand right (the osteopath helped me with that).  You can also take a tennis ball and roll it under your foot - that helps massage and gently stretch the arch.  If this is the diagnosis - this can take a very long time to heal, and if you continue to reinjure it - it takes even longer. 

I suggest bringing it up with your doctor.

Good Luck!  :)

I went to the doctor for tendonitis in my ankle 6 months ago and plantar facitis was ruled out.  Its basically only when doing squats, lunges, etc.  Pretty much any exercise where you are putting a lot of pressure on your feet....which really if you think about it is all the time, but oh well.  I have found that really concentrating on putting my weight in my heels lets me get further into the workout without pain, but it still creeps up.  I'm talking literally lifting my toes off the ground so I have to have my weight in my heels.  I'm sure thats not so good either.  After my workout today while i was stretching i tried to feel for knots or tightness in my shins and I found some.  Gonna really focus on working out that tightness for the next couple days and see what happens!

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I went to the doctor for tendonitis in my ankle 6 months ago and plantar facitis was ruled out.

 OK now I am even MORE convinced that you might need arch support based on what you just wrote. I learned recently that ankle tendinitis is a fairly common issue with overpronators/flat feet people.  Worth a try if you think you might have either issue. 

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