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anyone use an ab roller ???

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I picked up an ab roller at a yard sale yesterday with video  for 5 bucks... Does anyone here ever use one and for how long each day ?  And have you noticed any results ??? Will it help flatten my belly ????
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I've seen them, they look interesting- never had the fortune to buy one though- let us know how it works out though :)
save your money. bought one, used it for over six month and didn't see a different or felt better after the use.

All it did, gave me a crick in the neck.
I tried to do it and couldn't fell flat on my belly and counldn't get up! LOL
Really? I think they're great! Allows you to get a full range of motion and really feel the burn. I would go to a gym and try one, shoot even the large stores have 'em on the floor now, before buying!
By "ab roller" are you talking about a device that's a wheel with a handle on either side of it?

I've always thought using one made for a pretty quality ab exercise.

Like any ab exercise, it will help to strengthen abdominal muscles.

As far as "flattening your belly", I don't believe there's any way to specifically burn stomach fat.  Operating at a caloric deficit is the only way you can really burn fat, and even then it's taken from stores all over your body.

That said, exercises (like ab rolling) do burn extra calories, and thus help you loose extra body fat more quickly.
It gives you a good burning feeling, that's for sure.
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I am not very good at describing things...but it sort of looks like a cage with a cushion to support your head to reduce neck strain while it helps you do crunches.  I can't do situps.... so I thought this might help me work my stomach area. I have a treadmill which I have been doing 60 minutes of walking 5 days a week. This week I started doing 10 minutes on a row machine and 10 minutes on the ab roller plus... after the treadmill . I like to do it all in the morning to get it over with.
During the month of april we did the abs.. Now we are on the butt.

when i started my ab month in apirl, i used the ab mouse which is another kind of ab roller. It do the same thing but with better support of your upper body weight. I did 3 mins of the ab mouse every day, not only did i do that. I have an ab swing. I would swing on that thing any time i got ready. I was also doing the swiss ball for my abs too- 100 reps on that ball with the ab ball rock. you sit on the ball and you rock and hold, i notice that move got all of my abs.. Not just one part of my abs but all.

It is really good to do.. If you ab roll to the side of your self, you will get the side of your abs. It is really a good one to use. DO you have the ab roller wheel, if so. I will tell you how my uncle got rock hard abs with that thing at 55. and lost 30 pounds.

He ate 6 small meals, and he walked 3 miles every day. After his walk. He come in, and he will do 30 ab roll outs to the center, and then the sides giving a total of 60 all around.

So i say from me using it. I got down in one month from a 35 wasit to a 32 wasit in the end. It really do work. But i used other things too. But i can really fell the burn when i would use the ab roller. Get you a pillow for your knees you will need it..

This is the single best designed exercise device since the dumb bell.

This darn thing works the front and back from shoulders to the knees.

You got a great deal.

Original Post by kyokushinsteve:

You got a great deal.

 At 2006 prices, it now looks expensive.

I bought one of these things. The one with the wheel, not the rocker, years after they were on TV. I had tried all the similar things, and tried to make my own without much success.

I bought this thing and started using it. I can not believe how well it works!

I had muscle aches from my shoulders to my knees. It works everything. Arms, Back, Abs, and most surprising Hamstrings. Maybe something for the ladies.

I have found no scientific studies that I could read, but personal experience tells me that it is more than worth the money.

If we're talking about the wheel thingy you do ab rollouts with, that one is scary-effective as long as you've got the core strength to use it safely, it's by no means something a beginner should be doing unless they're in the market for some serious faceplanting ;)

 The piece of bent tubing for doing situps is absolute crap that is actively worse than doing regular situps.

Agreed! I tried one of those things, at the gym. Worthless.

The wheel thing is really good, I think it is because as you are pushing out, another set of Muscles is trying to hold you from planting into the floor.

I do different moves, One is to lower the hips first then push out, the other is to push out, then lower the hips. Both create a really outstanding burn that you can feel.

the ab roller is the ball on a handle thing I thought.  You can get this same effect by doing roll outs on a ball.  The Female body Breakthrough has that workout in it and its an awesome ab workout.  I feel it from the ribs to the hips

I have not seen the one with handles on the ball. I know you can do those large ball exercises. Prior to this thing, I used to lay parallel to the floor with the bottom  on either a ball or chair and hold for a minute or two. That adds lots of strength with no bulk. But nothing touches that wheel thing.

One word = Ouch

lol Did it for a couple of days using one and hurt for a long time. It must work. It's painful though. Like doing crunches. Also hard to use. Very tiring.

Yes, that is the truth. When you do it it hurts. That is only because it is working.

It still hurts me also. I would guess that you should only do it rolling out as far as you can, then pause and come back. Some times not very far out. I do the thing 2 times a day, morning and evening. Only a couple sets.

I do not think there is a more effective device on the market. It is truly Great Engineering. It is simple. Anyone can make things complicated.

The trainer I used to work with tried to get me to use an ab roller. I kept falling on my face so he said I didn't have to do it anymore, lol.

Now that I've been training for a while I'd like to try it again. 

You know, I think you might have been pushing it too far out.

Try doing it very slowly. Start with it under your shoulders, on your knees, lower your hips as far as you can without touching the floor, you will feel it tense the muscles from your hips up to your chest. Then raise the hips back up.

After a while doing that, then start to roll out for the back, arms and upper chest.

Only push out as far as you can in control.

Then bring back, pause and do it again.

I am doing it very slowly, figuring a good 30 seconds for one rep. I can really feel this thing burn.

Repeating this a dozen times to 25 times. It is a real killer of a work out. 

I also try to roll out lowering the chest first then pushing the hips down second in the second set.

I can not believe how much belly fat that darn thing is burning off.

I am so pleased with it.

It hurts, A Lot. But after a month it is worth it.

I am doing 2 sets 2 times a day. My Posture is improving as my back muscles are getting stronger. I can not believe the benefits I am getting from such a simple thing.

Original Post by danaofdoom:

The trainer I used to work with tried to get me to use an ab roller. I kept falling on my face so he said I didn't have to do it anymore, lol.

Now that I've been training for a while I'd like to try it again. 

To way to get started is to put an inclined board in front of you to roll the wheel on. Your knees are still on the flat (padded of course). Most gyms have a board laying around in the weight room (it gets used for other things). At home, you just lay something like a 3'x4' board on the floor in front of you, with the far side propped up on something.

This is similar to people learning to do pushups with their hands on a bench. It allow them to concentrate on their core and use good form, while their chest/arms get stronger.

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