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Has anyone tried Slim In Six???

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I have been wanting to buy it but I am skeptical. If anyone has any info please let me know. Thanks.
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Remain skeptical and spend your money on good, nutritious foods!
I'm not bagging specifically on this particular program, I know nothing about it.  But be wary of any program that tells you that you'll lose x number of pounds, x number of inches in so many days.

With these kinds of programs, most of what you lose is water weight, they are "quick fix" type  programs that allow the weight to come back on easily, quickly, and more abundantly than before!

The point of this site is to help guide you through good, healthy nutrition in balanced levels and help guide you to make better food choices, watch your caloric intake, and hopefully get you stimulated and motivated to want to excercise.

This is hopefully a life long program for you, for me, anyone here.  It's human nature to want to grab on to anything that tells you it's going to be quick, easy or can be achieved in X number of days with "rapid results". 

Stay the course, count your calories.  If you aren't consuming less than you are expending you aren't going to lose.  Or if your consumption equals or exceeds your expenditure, and you do not excercise, you will not lose.  These are simple laws of nature, and it's how the program works - slowly, gradually, effectively.

I drop 6-8 pounds per month, which corresponds to a 1.5 to 2 lb loss per week.  This is close to "ideal".  Would I like to see the pounds roll off quicker?  You bet!!!  But I understand now that this is the right way.

Keep your money in your pocket, or spend it on good food, excercise equipment, or a monthly gym membership fee - I think you'll be better served by it in the long run!
I have it - the workout completely kicked my a**.  You are basically working the same muscle groups every day without a break, and I only lasted two weeks.  The first week I was literally limping around the office, and so many of my coworkers freaked out about that they convinced me to quit. 

That's not to say it wouldn't be a great workout for someone who is in better shape, even say for me now.  (I was really out of shape when I did this, about two years ago now.)  I think if you're looking for a great dvd to provide some serious calorie burning, it's wonderful.  But, I disagree with the idea of straining the same muscle groups daily without giving them some kind of rest in between.

So I'd say it's not a bad investment, because I will still do the workout from time to time - I just won't do it two days in a row.
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I love slim in six....

there is a 20 min start it's great

it took me 5 weeks of just doing that tape not to be sore....

and it's not impact so it's great!!!

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Cool thanks for the info.
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I also have the slim in 6 dvd's and I like them.

I did a rotation that included them for the first 6 weeks of my diet,etc.  I didn't do it everyday, I did it 3 times a week.  It is a good total body workout with cardio.  I also did other cardio on other days.  I was just starting to get back in to working out and I wasn't quite ready for my Cathe strength dvd's.

I wouldn't recommend doing them every day like they suggest, but it is a good workout and can be included in a rotation.  And I lost weight and gained some muscle while doing them.  I will probably do a rotation including them again before summer because they really work the abs.
I started  doing the DVd's three weeks ago. I do not follow the food plans, supplements etc.

The exercise videos are tough. If I were starting out again, I would do the start up session for a week, then 2 full weeks on the Ramp It Up dvd before moving onto the toughest one, Burn it Up.

My thighs thought they had died. Changing from sitting to standing and doing stairs were agony. But I sucked it up and am ok now.

I sweat immensely while doing these and I am not in horrible cardio shape because I do run 4 times a week. I have noticed that my legs are much stronger now when I run.

The stretchin g part of the DVD is awesome.

I have cut the times that I do the Burn it up dvd down to every other day. every day was too much and I never could do the whole dvd effectively.
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I am just ending my third week of slim in 6.  I really like the dvd's.  I am only on the second one.  I have tried the third, but just couldn't keep up.  I also like the slim in 6 pack dvd for the abs.  Great workout in only about 10 minutes.  I don't take the supplements, but am being careful of what I eat.  I have only lost 6 pounds, but I have lost a total of 5 inches and am feeling great.

I would recommend the dvd's even if you don't follow the diet plan. 
So this thread inspired me to pull out the Ramp It Up one, which I did tonight.  Didn't do too bad - and according to my heart rate monitor I burned 362 cals. 
If you like the Slim in 6, then you may want to try Power 90. Both products are sold off of P90 incorporates both cardio and weight training. It starts you off light and over the 90 days, builds you up to the more intensive workouts. I used P90, lost 40 lbs and went from a 40 waist to a 34. I know have P90X and use the TaeBo workouts that incorporate the bands into the workout.
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i am on my last week of slim and body looks completley different.......i love it you just have to have the power to push play everyday.....where there is a will there is a way.....i love the results so much that i ordered the follow up slim series.....
I bought the DVD series over a year ago after seeing an infomercial.  I was thirty pounds heavier than I am now and it looked good so I bought it.  I recently, last year lost a ton of weight, down to a little over 120.  I'm at a weight I like now which is 140 and want to stay here, but my body has very little toning.  I'm going to the beach for three weeks in August, and I want to look good, so I needed a program that would give me some result (any result) quickly.  I started the slim and six program.  I felt the burn from start it up after the first time I used it.  I did that for a full week.  I am in my second week, and just completed my second day on the ramp it up.  Debbie's plan is no joke.  These work outs are extreme.  I just can't believe how out of shape that I was (am).  I'm already fearing burn it up.  Hopefully after two weeks on ramp it up I'll be ready.  I read these threads and I really liked what I read.  She's spends a lot of time on legs and butt areas, then adds some strength trainging to the arms and shoulders before moving it to the floor where the real fun begins.  Butt blasters I think is what they are called, and my god do I feel it.  Still do as I write this.  The six minute ab workout at the end is really good too.  Doing this six days a week really should add some definition, I'm hoping.  She ends it with a six minute yoga session which I really like.  I have a little over four weeks left.  I'm stiff and in a little pain, but I am determined to make the six weeks.  I'll have to come back here at the end and let you all know how it worked for me.  Honestly I don't see how these workouts can't work if you do them the way they are intended.  But remember for anyone just beginning, a little burning is good but pain is not.  She encourages breaks and take them if you need too.
oh my gosh this is great!! i JUST bought the slim in six this morning and im so anxious to start it and see results!!
Slim in 6 is AMAZING...I've just completed it and have lost an over all total of 21 inches!! I did the 6 weeks of workout along with the meal plan- it is amazing...I have not only lost weight and gained muscle, but I have reshaped my body- it is awesome!! I strongly recommend slim in 6 to everyone!!!
Here is a link to a thread about SI6. A LOT of CC'ers do it and love it.
You might get some great feedback from reading back in the post.

Good luck!


Slim in 6 is a good, solid program.

Okay ladies, I'm your atypical user.  I'm a 44 year old guy who completed 3 rounds of P90X (P270X?).  P90X is extreme, and I lost about 18lbs on it, going from 199 to 172.  However, I know I want to rid myself of the last 10lbs that just weren't moving.

I decided to try something different before embarking on P90X #4, so I borrowed Si6 from someone who had it but didn't finish it and hoped it would jump-start some weightloss for me.

I could not believe how tough Si6 turned out to be.  I thought after X, I would cruise Slim in 6.  I walked around the office for the first two days going "ouch-ouch-ouch!".  That being said, I just finished the 6 weeks, I'm down about 6 lbs and considering giving it another round.  The moves are fast, I bought some really heavy bands for the upper body stuff, my HR hits 150 in the first 5 minutes and just stays pegged like that for the first 30.  It is a lot of leg work, and I think I will have a butt that no guy should have, but I recommend this and can only say - stick with it!


Loved it, loved it.  Money well spent, IMO.



I ordered it this morning, I am so happy to see all the positive feed back. I have along way to go but it time to start something. I am realistic that I won't loose what I want in 6 weeks though. So should I just lenghthen the the amount of time spent on each video or once I am done do it over again? Those who have used it what you thing?

ncps6176, I ordered mine's a while back & am expecting it to come any day now. I can't wait!!!!!!!

I've been on Slim in 6 for 8 weeks. I went back to Ramp It Up after doing Burn It Up for 2 weeks because of time. In this entire time, I also did the Cardio Core workout that came with the program in the morning, or the 10 minute ab workout if I slept in  too late.

Though I have gained muscle, I have not lost weight or inches in the entire 8 weeks I've been on the program. And yes, I'm counting cals, also.

I have been using Slim in Six as my primary workout routine since the birth of my daughter 6 years ago. This absolutely works. I started using it as recommended, and it definitely helped me lose the baby weight (I had about 30 pounds to lose). Although with a new baby, it did start to get difficult to keep up with the time commitment.

So, for the past 5 years, I've use the "Ramp it Up" routine, but I cut it in half. One day, I'll do the cardio part, then the second I'll do the bands/leg work-out/yoga part. My thinking was any exercise is better than none, and breaking it up into two 20-minute workouts worked for my schedule.

I've successfully kept the weight off using it this way, and when I feel like I'm slipping, I'll switch to the "Burn it Up" routine for a while, but still using it half one day and the other half the next.

I've actually used the "Ramp it Up" DVD so much, it's now wearing out and skipping, so I'm probably going to have to buy a new one soon.

Good luck!

Original Post by mistyparish:

I started doing Slim in 6 10 years ago after I started having kids. I have 6 kids now and have used Slim in 6 after every baby to lose the extra 40 pounds I put on each pregnancy. It takes me usually 2 rounds of Slim in 6 to lose the 40 pounds (3 months).

I’ve tried so many other programs and this is the ONLY one that really helps me lose the weight fast and is do-able enough that I won’t quit half way through…because I am constantly seeing results…it keeps me going all 6 weeks.

You can even see my before and after pics at:

Then email if you have any questions because I love helping people be successful with this program and since I’ve done it so much I know a lot about it!

Order Slim in 6 at


Is this going to be copied and pasted onto every weight loss thread tonight?  

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