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anyone do Tae Bo???

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Hi everyone,

I am new to this.  I have been working out for a few months now and watching what i eat, sometimes calorie counting, and i have not lost a pound, except for my normal 2 or 3 movement. I am 23 5' and weigh 140.  I was wondering if anyone does Tae Bo...I see that Billy Blanks has a new amped thing out and I was thinking of trying it, but wanted to know if anyone tried it.  My usual workout is elliptical training for 35-45 mins at about 8 or 9 level, then usually some weigh machines. Since I have not lost weight yet, I feel like I need to try something different...oh and I know i could run or whatever but i have some knee and ankle problems so running always hurts or even walking too fast for too long will kill my ankles.

Any ideas?
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Well I have never done it, but my ex-wife did it for serveral months when she couldnt get rid of the flab from the last child.  She got really toned up doing it.
I have the old original TaeBo stuff on VHS.  IMO it's pretty great stuff, but the more overweight you are the harder it is.   My wife could do pretty much everything in it and was bored, but it totally kicked my overweight butt.  And at the time I was doing it I was about 55 pounds overweight.   Now I'm only 20 pounds overweight and I think I could probably do it a lot more easily... though I'm sure I'd still work up a good sweat with it and improve my flexibility while burning some calories.
I also used to do the original taebo and I was in the best shape of my life then.  About once a month I do it now to mix things up so I would recommend trying it.
AMPED is great! I highly recommend it!

^^^ The videos are hard, I'm not gonna lie. The first one is alright difficulty-wise, with double-times of 2 sets of 8. It gets to the point in the other videos where you're doing 8 sets of 8!!!!!

I personally joke and say that Billy Blanks is evil (I personally think he seems like a great guy), because he makes you go above and beyond...basically to the point of exhaustion. His idea of a 'cool-down exercise' is more squats!

Anyways, I've seen my abs tighten up considerably, and my arms are coming along nicely. My quads have always been out of control, so I can't comment on that.

Good luck!
I have, and i should continue, it is a lot of fun if you get into it. I have Billy Blanks DVDs, they're good, i recommend it. You burn a lot of calories. :]
I agree! It is a lot of fun. I have few of Billy Blanks DVDs. The first few times I felt like a total idiot, but after you get the hang of it it is sooo much fun. Be prepared to be sore the next day the first few times you try it!!!
Thanks Everyone!! I am definitly going to try it now cause I definitly need to change my routine up a bit.
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Can someone please tell me about how many calories (estimate) you will burn with Taboe Amped? I don't know how many calories I should eat back after doing Taboe Amped. I do 1 hr (full throttle name of the DVD) 5x a week with the amped tool (weights 3 lbs). I can really use some advice even a estimate.. thanks a bunch
I've done Tae Bo at Billy Blanks's studio and on his videos and think they're very good.  Really, it's about what you can do consistently in terms of exercise that's going to make the biggest difference.  And changing it up with some sort of cross training so you don't get bored, and work all muscle groups.  If you haven't seen resuls with regular exercise, I'd suggest you maybe start to count your calories for a week or two religiously also.  I know I was amazed to learn what I ate added up to once I  began to count it.  Maybe that extra attention to it will also help you.  I find I choose healthier less caloric foods if I know I have to log it daily on this site.  It's really helped me lose some weight that was staying on.  Good luck!
I've got the "Get Ripped" series on VHS.  I'm quite small (5'7, 116 lbs) and quite athletic.  The Basic workout for me isn't that hard, it's only 30 mins and feels like I just went for a jog or something.  The Advanced Workout still kicks my ass everytime, and I've done these tapes A LOT.  I read somewhere that if you make it through the Advanced tape, you can expect to be burning 500-800 calories depending on your intensity.  I still like going to the gym, but when I'm pressed for time, I'll definitely pop one of the tapes in.
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Does anyone know how to log Tae Bo in activities?
 Yes, it works. ( I'm 5'2 ) I got up to 186 lbs due to water weight when I had my baby. I tried to just eat healthy. Everyone said the weight would just 'melt' off because I'm young. ( 23 ) But, it wasn't melting off as quickly or as steadily as I wanted. So I continued to count calories and do taebo daily. Bam.. I lost 3 pounds a week like routine.  But, I think it depends on the person. Some people aren't as dedicated as they pretend.  Good luck.
 I forgot. Currently 105lbs. I'm the healthiest I've ever been in my life. Lol
I am going to try harder to actually calorie count, but I am pretty good about going to the gym at least 4 times a week, mostly because I go right after work.  I just bought the amped version of billys tae bo online today so hopefully i can start it soon.  I have no doubt its gonna kick my ass hard core, which is fine by me.  haha...I am also stumped on how to log it.  I feel that should be an for everyones help!!
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