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Anyone know of any good workout videos???

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I must admit I'm a sucker for a good workout video... but do get bored after a while.... I do that mail order Blockbuster thing though and just found out that they have a TON of workout videos... so if anyone has any suggestions... I can try some out basically for free and then buy the ones I like!! I just need a starting point... cause like I said they have A TON!!! Thanks to anyone that can help out!!
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"Brand New Butt" (with Janis Saffel, 1995)

"Shape Your Body Workout Video"
(by Cindy Crawford featuring Radu, 1992)

"Denise Austin - Mat Workout Based on the Work of J.H. Pilates" (2000)

I know they're all old, but man, I LOVE all of these! I saw all of them on Amazon. Just Google it or check your Blockbuster (do they carry the old ones, I wonder?)
Check out beach body they have a lot.  I am a broken record but I love all the turbo jams, fun, great instruction, fantastic music and over before you know it! 
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I just started Taboe Amped by Billy Blanks. I love his work-out videos as he motivates you and they are fun. Good luck
I am with Tully, any of the ones that they have on beachbody.  I have yoga booty ballet from netflix right now and I bought YBB's hip hop ab routine.  They are great and upbeat.  I love the Power 90 series too. 
I am doing the same thing with Netflix. I love Yoga Booty Ballet. I really feel like I am getting a workout, but it tricks your mind into thinking it is over really quick, when it actually took quite a bit of time. It is one of the few workouts that truly do go by fast that I have tried so far. I am going to try some of the other beachbody videos soon.
I am doing P90 from beachbody and have slim in 6.  I really want turbo jam!  Oh the netflix idea is great!!
Cindy Crawford!  This is a great workout video--kind of old, just mute it and put on some music you like.
I am in love with Tae Bo.  Try any of them!!  I started with Ultimate Abs, and now I rotate that with Fat Blasting Cardio and Total Body Fat Blaster.  My sister does the BootCamp series.  Billy Blanks is great!  (Even if he has more cleavage than I do.  :-/)
Nell McAndrew. Ultimate Challenge, Ultimate Results.
It's hard work but really pays off. Helped me lose almost 3 stone. It's based on an exercise class she used whilst training for the marathon. Really worth a go.
Another vote for Beachbody, I do Yoga Booty Ballet and Power 90, and absolutely love them!
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All Walk Away the Pounds videos by Leslie Sansone are AWESOME!!!
Thanks so much for all the suggestions!! I found a few of them, but couldn't find anything with Turbo Jam in the title. I also didn't find anything with Beachbody... is that a series or maybe the individual tapes have other names I could search for? I did add the Yoga Booty Ballet to my list amongst others... I also found Carmen Electra strip aerobics or something like that... has anyone tried that one?? It seemed fun! Lol!
I haven't, but one of my friends did the Carmen Electra strip workout!  She said that she was really sore the next day.  I've been dying to check it out!
The only workout vids that i enjoyed doing were Tae-Bo, and the Winsor Pilates program. I would much rather be in a class.

I get much more motivated when there are mirrors around me and I can see how my body moves. I don't have that in my den or living room.
I just got Yoga Booty Ballet...I don't love or hate it just yet, I'm still learning.  I have Power90 which is good, and the one I do the most these days is The Firm's TransFirmer series.  I really like those.
I got Yoga Booty Ballet and the Carmen Electra work out videos in the mail today... I'll let you guys know what I think of 'em... if you have any other suggestions please feel free to share!!!
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