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anyone a fan of circuit training??

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I am in so much pain this morning.

Tried the 'Extreme Circuit Training' class at my gym for the first time last night, led by this no-nonsense beefcake of a guy who shouted at us all and wouldnt let us stop, it was great!

We did different exercises in a pyramid for decreasing amounts of time then ran 5 laps of a 200m track, then the pyramid of exercises again but in reverse order, then 5 more laps, then about 15 minutes of ab exercises, then a sprint lap to finish, I can't move! I thought I had my ass well and truly handed to me.

My abs hurt when I laugh or cough, and it hurts to move my arms, why do we do this to ourselves!

..I'm so going back next week :D

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Yep...I think I love that I  know I'm really working when I can't move the next day!

Yes, I do circuit training twice a week for an hour each time and I love it!

Yep and I love every minute.  I'd love to be able to take a class like that so I could get pushed harder then I do here at home.  Some people might think I'm nuts but I'd rather not be able to move then waste my time not giving max effort.

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